How to reach a wider audience in Instagram

Instagram is a platform that is currently undergoing very sudden and key changes. Along with the change in the display algorithms, there have been problems with their reach. What to do to reach a larger audience? Of course you can buy Instagram likes to reach a wider audience but you need to know that positioning is very important.

Why is positioning so important?

Image positioning is very important in the case of social media based on this type of communication. If you upload a picture without a description – it will fly on the Instagram network without much sense. People who find it will only be those who are watching you and those who will show up in “suggestions” based on the people they are watching.

If you want your work to reach a wider audience – you have to properly describe the pictures. On Instagram there are also accounts promoting good photography, which the lecturers often provide valuable content.


Hashtags, or tags with the preceding “#” sign, are used on Instagram to position post. In the description you can use them up to 30. Using different tags, you increase the likelihood that someone will come to your picture. It is known – if you put 5 tags, instead of 30 – you make matters worse. Hashtags should describe your post as best as possible. When you enter a specific phrase, you will be offered suggestions on how to complete it and the number of existing tags will be shown. By choosing the most popular you increase the possibility of showing your photo in someone’s search results.

Posting and tagging

In addition to “#photography”, there are many combined phrases that often sound strange. Personally, I often use keywords like #believeinfilm, #ishootonfilm, #filmisnotdead, and #buyfilmnotmegapixels. Such phrases allow you to select a group of recipients and limit it only to those interested in a specific topic. In the post description you can also use tags that specify the recipient (as in the comments). This is done via the “@” symbol and the username you want to refer to. Similarly, the question of marking a specific account in the picture is the same. If you want someone to get information about the fact that it has been marked in the picture – go to the “mark” option at a particular post (in the editing field when adding, or edit after posting) and click on the place in the picture enter the name of the account. In addition to the message sent to the recipient, your post will appear in its “user photos …” tab.

Don’t forget Instagram views

Significant amounts of Instagram views can support positioning. If you don’t have enough time, buying cheap Instagram views is a practical option. You don’t have to rely on paid options, but if the situation urges you, they can be very helpful.