How to Reset Forgotten Windows Password?

Hello guys! Today we are going to put up with a topic which you get to hear about here and there all the time, and that is Retting of Windows Password. When you have a computer, you would surely choose to keep all your data files, folders, videos, media files in your computer considering it to be the safest plot for your digital assets. But what if you are no longer able to access of them either by losing your computer’s access password or forgetting it? Will that not create a problem? Of course it will. It will be total disaster to be unable to use your own files and folder stored in your computer which will ultimately hinder your daily work as well. So now what to do? Well this is the question whose answer we all are looking for, but not anymore.

Here in this article we would present few simple mythologies which are very easier to implement and at the same very much effective enough to resolve your issues.

One of the best solutions to sort out this issue is the usage of Passfolk SaverWin software. This is one such Windows Password resetting tool which can disable the password security feature from the sign-in page altogether to help you enter your locked account without any difficulty.

It is compatible with both Windows desktop OS versions, like XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10 as well as with Windows Server OS versions, namely, 2000/ 2008/ 2012/ 2016 making it to susceptible to mostly all kinds of operating system. Both CD/DVD and USB drive can be used to create its bootable disk and the tool has an extended application with UEFI, DSI, and legacy BIOS boot mode computers as well.

Moreover, it is 100% reliable, fast and can be put to use even without the need of internet connection.

So as you can see clearly the so many wonderful features of this tool, it is undoubtedly preferable for emergencies. Now mostly users, especially the beginners fail to use softwares due to several technical complications. But that is not the case here. Let me give you the demonstration.

Get the SaverWin software installed on any of your fully operational computer and run the tool with complete admin rights. Once you are in with the tool’s main screen before you, click on USB or CD/DVD” as the media type. Next insert your to be created bootable disk and click on either “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” in accord of the disk type.

It will begin the burning of the ISO image files to the disk which will be completed with a message “Burning Successfully!”. Simply click “Ok” to get over with it.

Take out the loaded disk and connect it to your locked computer or laptop and boot from it using the CMOS utility settings.

After this the ISO files will be loaded into the computer’s hard drive and all the registered user account names will be shown on the screen with stark clearance. Go for the account that is locked and click on “Reset Password” and then “Reboot” options. Your computer will immediately take a restart and it will be turned on this time with no password demand. Voila it’s done!

In case you wish to explore few more interesting methods to do away password prompting, you can try out MS account password changing trick. As you all know that your Microsoft account credential is a centralized detail for all Microsoft services. Thus if you have enabled the MS password security measure on your login screen, the changing the password from any other online service would render the change on your login screen as well.

Firstly go to the following link and click on “I Forgot my Password”option.

Provide your account details, and hit “Enter”. Next choose the mode of receiving your OTP (One Time Password) either via mobile or on your recovery email-ID. Once you receive the OTP, type it in and click “Next”. So here now you can create a new password and click “Next” option again.

Restart your computer and enter your locked user account with the newly generated password and you will get clear access. But unfortunately this method will not work if you had not enabled the MS account password security on your system prior to losing the password.

There is another alternate method which can be employed to overcome the trouble and it’s very simple. Instead of trying with complicated technical methods, you can search for the password in few possible locations. Many a times we keep passwords and usernames stored at some locations and thus searching for them in real would save you the trouble of going all through technical hassle. You can look for it in your notebooks, in notepad and word files in other computers or laptops. But if you fail to find any of it, then surely you can rely on the previously mentioned methods above.

And if you wish to get a guaranteed output, then you better rely on Passfolk SaverWin for this is the only option which comes with no downsides at all.