How To Start A Blog- Step-By-Step

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Blogging is an effective way to express the views and emotions that is open to the whole world. With the help of blogging, the ideas and the expressions are kept in front of the people and therefore it tends to be great way to express and make new friends. While starting a blog one should know How To Start A Blog- Step-By-Step which is an easy set of methods. Starting to write a blog is very simple with only few steps to be kept in mind. The basic How To Start A Blog- Step-By-Step guide comprises of the steps below-

  • Right platform choice: While starting a blog, one has to choose among the several choices of the platforms available. One astonishing example of such platform is WordPress which gives a free and user friendly access to the people who want to write a blog. Other such platforms available are tumblr, blogger etc which are really helpful for the people who’ve never built a blog before.
  • Getting the host: Various hosts are also available that help to set up a website. For example, if one is working on WordPress then the host recommended is BlueHost. Various technical supports are provided by the host and also it has various options to manage the blog like cPanel. Also the sharing plan of the host offers hosting plans in a one click installer. The host selected should be signed up. For example if BlueHost is selected then simply one has to go on and then click on “Get started now”
  • Select the domain name: Selecting the domain name is an important step in creating a bog. It’s the first point of contact of the blog with the audience. The hosts like BlueHost offer free domain as and when the sign up is done to a shared hosting plan and therefore one can register the host and domain at the same time. The things to be kept in mind while selecting a domain is that it should be memorable, interesting and appealing to the audience. It should also show up the theme of the blog.
  • Registration: After logging in and selecting the domain name, all one has to do is to register by filling up the basic contact details, then selecting the account plan. Various account plans are provided like 12, 24, 36 months etc. Then after this domain privacy is also to be looked upon.
  • Logging up to your blog: After installing, say, WordPress, a blank WordPress site is installed along with the admin username and password. Now all you have to do is to log in to your admin panel and start customizing and choosing a blog theme and thus write the blog.

With these simple steps, it’s very easy to start a blog and get going with the ideas and views and present them to the world. Blogging is all fun and a beautiful work that helps in presenting the self. These steps are all that is needed to start a blog.