How to start a blog?

The reason for starting a new blog can be many. However, you should not rush into the process. When you start working on a new blog, there are numerous factors to consider. There are millions of blogs on the Internet, all clawing for attention. Therefore, to establish yourself, you must stand out from the crowd. The best blogs are those that are regularly updated. If users realize that the content was last updated in 2018, they may lose interest in your blog.

A good blog has the responsibility of being creative, clever and attractive. It is responsible for conveying the message of the blog to the audience. Your blog needs to tell the audience what you have to offer and why they should read your blog. Contact website design Penang for all your blog designing needs.

Steps in starting a new blog

Choosing the platform

The first step in launching a new blog is selecting a platform to blog. You can either opt for Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, medium, ghost, square space, etc. However, if you feel exceptionally bold, you can start your blog from the basics. However, you will have to know the designing process of blogs. If you struggle with the designing process, you can get help from web design Penang.

Domain name

Once your platform has been selected, you have to decide to choose the domain name. If you are serious, you should buy the domain name. Go for domain names that are memorable, short, and easy to spell. These will allow your audience to remember your blog.


Blogging for blogging or monetary reasons is pointless. You should create a blog only if you are passionate about writing. Otherwise, you quickly lose interest in the blogging process. Before you even start, take a notepad, a pen and start writing ideas that are roaming around in your head. These will help you later design new articles.

Keep the design simple.

You may let your ideas run free when designing the blog. However, simple is best. You want people to come to your blog to read the content, not only look at the design. Whitespace can be advantageous. Do not use more than three fonts or three colours. Remember to use headings, subheadings, and minor headings.

Use colours in contrast

Use three colours, but make sure that they contrast with one another. Furthermore, your links and text should be in contrast to make it easy for the audience to identify which is the link and which is the text.

Whitespace is good

Designers love whitespaces. However, website owners most often opt to use up the whitespace. Having whitespace is good. It can allow people to focus on what is necessary and highlight the crucial sections of your blog.

Stick to your niche

You may be an expert in a variety of conditions. However, your blog should focus on one niche. If you have multiple niches in one blog, it will confuse your readers and search engines. Thus, stick to one niche.