How to Use Google Search API to Scrape URLs from Google Search Results

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Many have been searching for the best way to learn How to Use Google Search API to Scrape URLs from Google Search Results. Some recent researchers on web scraping using Google search results discovered several sites demonstrating how to utilize Ajax Google API for searching. However, when one tries them, they are not supported. Therefore if you happen to be on the search for ways of using ‘Google search API’ for scraping URLs Read along as this write up has what you’re looking for. In this page, you will understand the techniques of scraping search outcomes from Google. You can use it for competitor’s analysis, sentiment analysis, as well as SEO.

Setting the Area of Coverage

You should get started by mapping out the scope. This means that you are setting up Google search parameters, which are the query you’re searching for. You have to map it out with a nest like quotation Mark like within a query variable. This will, enable you to get a search phrase match to restrict pour result to a special arrangement.

Getting the Image URL

You can search the image on to get the image you’re looking for. Then right clicking the image will take you to the next level depending on the system you are utilizing. Choose the URL through clicking either, chrome or safari to copy the image address, or the internet explorer to copy a URL address displayed or Firefox for copying image location.

What is the Google search API?

Google search API enables you to design web sites as well as applications to recover and present search outcome via programmatic. The API could allow you to use full test queries to get image search and web search results using JSON format.

Steps to Scrape URLs from Google Search Results

To perform URL scraping from Google search results, carefully follow the steps below:

  1.    Open the Google Chrome browser installed on your PC
  2.    Tap the chrome website store
  3.    In extensions, look for scraper, and you will see scraper extension
  4.    Tap on add to chrome.”
  5.    Get to UK MPs using
  6.    Check for the content scraped at the scraper console.

How to get the Google custom search API key

You could get the API key though visiting the https// Console. You then click API access, and after that, you switch on to the custom search API” displayed on “service” tab.INT

To bring this write-up to a conclusion, I would like you to try these steps I mentioned early on in this post. As soon as you have successfully achieved your goal with the steps, feel free to comment on my post, subscribe to my newsletter, and share to others who are facing likely challenges. Without a doubt, they would be glad that you have just extended a helping hand to them.