How to write in Google Doc and publish in WordPress

For all the individual and team, Google Docs is considered a go-to document creation. This comes with many editing tools and advanced collaboration without any limitation and is free. But when it comes to moving any content from Google Doc to WordPress website it can make your work little hard. In this process of shifting content and images, you can lose all the formatted that you have planned.

The company has come up with a Google Doc add-on that helps in saving the document as a draft on WordPress. In this

the article, you will understand the way of using this add-on to save the document in WordPress or even self-hosted in the WordPress website.

The things you need to know ways

  • You need to create a Google account so that you can come up with creating documents and connect with the WordPress website.
  • You need a browser in which you can work without any trouble.
  • Admiration access in WordPress website.
  • It’s compulsory that you install the jetpack plugin and they are also active in the for adding on work on the self-hosted websites.

How to install the add-on

It’s very important to install this add-on first and then connect it with the WordPress website before using this add-on. You need to open the google docs WordPress to have add-on page and then click on the Free to install the add-on. In a new window, a google docs document will open in which you will get required permission. Where you must click on the continue and then allow to get the permission and then you need to install the add-on.

How to connect your WordPress website

After the installation of add on is done, then you need to connect your website with Google Doc. For doing this you need to follow certain steps like you have to click on the Add-ons menu which is present in the Google Docs then you need to select for Google Docs and then click on options open. In the right sidebar where Add-on will open. Then you need to click on Authorize button to start the authorization process.

A new tab will open when you need to log in with the WordPress account. From the drop-down, menu list where you will find all the website which are attached to your WordPress account. Then you must select the website you want to connect then click on approve the option to authorize it.

In the Google Docs sidebar, you will see an authorized website whenever the windows will close. Then you need to select the add WordPress site for authorizing more website. You can even add as much website you have in WordPress by repeating the same steps. For the self-hosting website, you just need to repeat the same steps.

How to save Google Docs WordPress?

If you want to save your whole content or document as a draft in WordPress, then its very easy to do. When the content that you have edited is finished you will see an option called save a draft, you just must click on it. This document will be sent to your WordPress account and then will be saved as a draft. If you have any problem and want to edit it then you can click the option edit. In this way, you can easily edit it again and then click on the updated draft.

If you are working with content on your website, then you must know the features of the add-on. This helps the content to remain the same so that there is no problem with any formatting. You don’t have to create any changes as this will keep your format and the paces of the picture on the same place as you have planned.

This method can be one of the best ways for all the writer or the content writing people who deal with WordPress daily. There are some of the things that you must keep in mind while doing installing add-on. That the website should be attested 3 to 4 days old. This WordPress website is very easy to use even for the beginner. There is no fear of losing your content.