Technology has granted us many wonderful things over the past decade. We have been introduced to many helpful tools and resources that have placed this generation on the map as the technological genius of humanity. The greatest of these innovations is that of the Internet; that is, the pool of information that has become accessible to everyone, regardless of status creed or race. The internet has allowed for ease of access to resources and has definitely broadened the scope of communication. No longer are we subjected to mere traditional means of communication when reaching out to our loved ones or simply networking thanks to all the technological advances we have experienced. These advances in communication have given birth to what we now call IP phones.


What are IP Phones?

An IP phone is often times described as a telephone that allows for communication usually by voice over the internet. This is generally referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as well. IP phones have become very popular among the masses due to the fact they come in two forms, either hardware or software. Conveniently once an internet connection is available these phones are ready to go and here’s the beauty of it, any traditional phone that you have is convertible to an IP phone once it can work with an adapter!

Why should you get an IP Phone?

An IP phone can easily be used to identify your knowledge and acceptance of this new age of technology, as well your willingness to try something brand new that seemingly works. There are many reasons why getting an IP phone is a sensible move. Here are five reasons:

  • Diversity- IP phones are very diverse in nature and are accessible on a number of platforms. They are available as hardware such as everyday tangible phones or in the form of software which is downloadable on cell phones and computers.
  • Multiple Extensions- Your regular telephone in most instances only has a single extension number. IP phones, however, are quite capable of providing separate extensions if you desire to do so.
  • Accessibility- One of the most significant benefits of having an IP phone would have to be its accessibility. We have already established that once there is the internet, regardless of the connection (Wi-Fi or LAN) your IP phone will be fully functional and ready to use.
  • Video Calling- IP phones also offer the luxury of video calling, a feature not provided by analogue phones. This allows the user to share his/her video by simply turning on the webcam while using the computer softphone to make a call.
  • Economical- If you make long distance calls for an extensive period of time, then getting an IP phone might be your best investment. IP phones are cost-effective in this regard as no additional charges are normally incurred for the duration of the call.

Wherever your communication interests or needs lie, IP phones are quite capable of improving their quality.