Is 32 GB iPhone A Good Choice

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IPhone 6s is one of the flagship brand iPhones which everyone wants to buy. The real question comes about the model and storage how much would be sufficient for you. The iPhone 6s is the pinnacle in today’s market and with every new launch it gains more popularity.

There are other android flagships but when it comes to comparison they cannot compete with iPhone 8 and plus benchmarks. The new benchmark in storage is 32GB and then 64 GB followed by 128 and 256 GB iPhone depending on the consumer need. In this article we would discuss about the memory management and which iPhone variant will be better for consumers.

A few issues which you might face with 32GB Variant iPhone 6s

Limited or less Storage

The problem with the 32GB is that you have readily very less storage and you cannot install all the apps which you need. There are apps on one hand which don’t require too much storage but some do require a lot of storage. Apart from big apps update installing is one of the primary issue which you would face when you have less storage. If you don’t have much free space you can update the phone. So, if you are opting for the 32GB variant then you should really manage your space well and use only limited apps.

Less Photo Storage

Photo storage in iPhone 6s 32GB is very less as you have a good camera you would certainly like to take Images. A lot of people are in a habit of taking pictures almost everyday and this can be a relative problem for long term usage. However, you get iCloud storage but offline storage is not sufficient enough if you are picture or photo lover. The apple live photo information also takes a lot of space with more high definition pics you always have to deal with more size. The new IOS operating system is better in it but still some amount is always taken by it. If you seldom take pics then it’s okay for you but if you are a photo lover then its very less.

Very less video storage

In terms of video 32GB doesn’t stand anywhere a good 5 to 6 long time videos might take up complete memory of your phone. It is one of a very big issue at high resolution you can only keep a few videos in it. So, if you like taking videos than 32GB might not be the best option and you can go for phone with higher storage. The new iPhone has more better resolution and can shoot up to 2K or 4K easily which means you have options to keep only fewer of them.

Few Documents Space

So, is 32 GB enough for iPhone 6s, no… alone your iPhone 32GB can store a lot of documents and pdf but when you look it combines with everything else you are left with only little space. Thus, it only gives you space to save only few documents if you take too many pics or videos.