Is Facebook better for your business or Twitter?

Today, the question about choosing between Facebook and Twitter is like asking someone to pick between Android and iOS.To be honest, if this is what you are asking, you are asking the wrong question because it really depends on your business goals when it comes to deciding between Facebook and Twitter. When you are spending on social media advertising, you would want to get everything right. Hence, it is important to decide which social media network would be best for business. Read further to find out its answer.


When companies start with social media marketing, they typically create a Facebook profile first since it has a larger viewership.  But that does not mean your target audience is on Facebook all the time. Millennial are not found on Facebook as much they are found on other social networks. Demographics of 50 years and above are more on Facebook than younger generation.  On the other hand, most of the users on Twitter are under 40 years.  Young generation prefer receivinginformation in small bites since it is easy to consume.  Before you decide whether to use Facebook or Twitter, do some research on your target market.


According to a research from Social@Ogilvy, the organic reach on content posted on Facebook declined by 49 percent in the less than 6 months. This impacted how Facebookposts started to receive engagement. One advantage of Facebook over Twitter when it comes to engagement is that the content posted on Facebook has a longer lifespan than Twitter.  Tweets disappear from the stream very quickly hence why you will have to post the same Tweets multiple times to make sure they reach your audience. Other than this, you can boost your post on Facebook and this option is not yet available on Twitter.


Before you use any one of these platforms for your business, you need to know that both serve a different purpose. People go to Twitter to find out what’s going on currently, discover new content and connect with new people. Facebook, on the other hand, is bused for communicating with friends and family. It also has games, community pages and apps that let users connect with other users. When people want real-time content, Twitter is where they go to.  People don’t use Facebook to search for a news or valuable content. They go to Twitter for this purpose. Twitter lets people connect with brands they don’t know. However, the only problem with Twitter is that you have to compete with the amount of content you post. Your stream can fill up with new Tweets in just a matter of seconds. You will have to come up creative ways to use Twitter for business to bring better results.

Most of the brands use a combination of both Facebook and Twitter for their social media campaigns because they work great together.  Since each platform has a different purpose, it will bring different benefits for your business. It is recommended to test both of them, measure the results and then figure out a healthy balance to use the two of them for your business.