Is traditional marketing replaced by digital marketing?

Our voice on a trending debate of the marketing world: Is traditional approach (outbound marketing) dethroned by digital approach (inbound marketing). In this article, you will find the pros and cons of each method, then most importantly, the answer.

The line separating traditional and digital marketing is defined by the flow and distribution channel of content. Traditional outbound marketing pushes messages from buyers to sellers via TV, radio, printed publication, mail and events. It’s the opposite for inbound (permission-base) marketing, where businesses promote helpful content on websites and social media along with SEO marketing to pull in customers who are actively looking for that information. Instead of forcing content onto customers, permission-based marketer aims to attract them by providing helpful and relevant content, thus boost conversion.

So, what exactly can digital marketing do better than traditional one?

  • Wider reach: No broadcasting channel or publishing house can spread information as quick and economical as the internet. Geographical and time differences are no longer a concern as your information hub is accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Take a simple example, sending out 100 e-newsletter is apparently less costly than 100 printed one, not to mention it’s more environmental-friendly. Email subscribing is often permission-based, meaning customers are willing to receive your information and more likely view it, resulting in higher conversion.
  • Simplified control: Site analytics and automation tools significantly boost productivity of marketing campaign by providing great insights for decision making whileautomizing repetitive tasks.
  • Flexibility: Mistyping a single word in a printed ad is disastrous, and remedies come at great cost. The case is simplier for online publication because the “edit” button is always there.
  • Customer engagement: Customers seek for promt and helpful responses from businesses. Undoubtedly, messages on social media and email are better to meet these criteria than postal mails or phone call.

Meanwhile, we can’t down play some of the traditional marketing methods that are still work well. For examples: Chamber of commerce events, BNI networking groups, Tradeshow events, etc. Those remain the highest quality lead among businesses, because direct face-to-face interaction plays a vital role in establishing a long-term relationship with others.

So back to our question: Is traditional marketing replaced by internet marketing? For now, no. Despite many seeable profits, digital marketing alone won’t maximize your business. You may want to combine both in your marketing campaign. It’s depend on what industry your business in that determines the percent of your marketing budget to use for each. But since most people use digital computers to search and shop online nowadays, it’s common to invest about 70% of your marketing budget toward digital marketing and the rest to traditional marketing.

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