LED Lighting Is Increasingly Popular

20% growth

A report from market analysts Technavio has disclosed that using a CAGR –  Compound Annual Growth Rate – the global LED lighting module market is expected to increase by another 20% by 2021.

This shows that these products are being enthusiastically and wisely adopted around the world.

A spokesperson for Technavio commented, “As LEDs are more efficient than traditional lighting sources…Southeast Asia are observing high demand for LED lighting in infrastructure development, which is a positive trend that is likely to be followed by countries across the world.”

The UK

Here in the UK, companies including LED by Vision offer industrial lighting solutions and continue to go from strength to strength. The more energy efficient that we can become in our work environments (and homes) the less impact we have on Plant Earth.

As there is only one hospitable place that humans can live at this time we need to play our part in its longevity, something that less informed generations didn’t do.

Now that we have the information, technology and designers who can transform lighting from an up to 40% drain on electrical resources in to minimal energy consumption sector specialised lighting the responsibility falls to every business owner or management to implement positive changes.

The government lends its support

Government support is a key driving force which in the UK has had a massive impact on the uptake of energy efficient industrial lighting solutions. The schemes below are worth investigation if you own or manage a business that would like excellent lighting with anything up to 95% savings.

Enhanced Capital Allowance

This is a government benefit that permits businesses to change their machinery and lighting to energy efficient sector specialised lighting products which they may otherwise have found too expensive to invest in.

The first-year allowances encourage setting 100% of the assets against profits.  

You should find that LED lighting firms working with the Carbon Trust and the government meet all the ECA Super Green Credentials.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

This scheme displays the UK’s commitment to Article 8 of the European Commission’s Energy Efficiency Directive, regardless of Brexit and its implications. Not every business is eligible but finding out more is essential.  LED lighting specialists work with ESOS lead assessors to offer the best fitted industrial lighting solutions which means maximum benefits for the client.

Below are a couple of examples of industrial lighting products:

LED panel light

  • 58% energy savings.
  • 95% maintenance savings.
  • 35 watts, 40 watts, 50 watts.
  • Daylight, natural and warm.
  • ECA qualifying product.  
  • ESOS eligible.
  • 40000 hours.
  • Dimmable.
  • Flicker free.
  • No shadowing.

Fitted industrial lighting: Floodlight.

  • 74% energy savings.
  • 95% maintenance savings.
  • 80 watts, 120 watts or 140 watts industrial floodlight.
  • 50000 hours of life.
  • LED lighting.
  • Daylight, natural and warm.
  • ECA qualifying product.  
  • ESOS eligible.
  • Powder coated steel and tempered glass.
  • Zero UV emissions.
  • No harmful gases.
  • No mercury.

This are just two of a wide range of energy saving industrial lighting solutions so please investigate your options.