Look out for the various features in New Renault Duster

From the point when you have made your mind about buying Renault for yourself, there is no point left to look behind. Duster has won many hearts and also have features, which people are liking about it. Driving Renault is very enjoyable and sensible. If you are going for an exciting road trip, then you can purchase used Renault Duster in Bangalore if you don’t have and need a suitable companion for the trip.

In Renault, you will find various features that can take your level of excitement to the next level. It is perfect for the off-road trip if you are thinking to go with your friends to take the break from your usual life.

The new variant of the Renault Duster is covering the major features which can provide you best experience such as the touchscreen infotainment dashboard system, steering mounted controls, back ventilation, 2-DIN stereo framework, backstopping sensor and keyless passage. It also includes emergency brake assist, Antilock Braking System(ABS) with Electronic Brake-power Distribution, and Dual SRS Front Airbags are key-points is the main attraction for safety seekers.

If you are looking for the best companion for your next road trip, then Duster will be a good choice. You will find the various new features in the newbie of Renault Duster.

  •    Compartment Design of the car is changed.
  •    For future enhancement, the engine is modified.
  •    BCM
  •    T-coupled structure along with plug and play design
  •    High ground clearance
  •    Improved LA gearbox with Gear shift indicators.
  •    Advanced electronic torque converter.
  •    It also has the feature of hill assistance when traveling to hill zone.
  •    The Eco mode helps to save more fuel.

All over the new range of Renault Duster has better features and gives users full support when on the road. It is a good companion when for your off road trip.