Make the Most Out of Mobile Search

Search (or SEO) has a lot of opportunities on mobile and mobile devices. Firstly, you should have a mobile-friendly website and optimize it for Google search.

Then don’t forget about mobile apps and the app stores (for both iOS and Android operating systems). And lastly, get the most from image SEO with Pinterest.

Optimize for Google’s mobile-first index

Google consider how your website performs on mobile devices before traditional desktop computers, and that’s the concept of mobile-first index.

To adapt well with Google’s mobile-first index concept, make sure you do follow Mobile SEO best practices.

If you don’t already have a mobile version of your website, it’s time to build one that will work on mobile devices.

It doesn’t mean the desktop version of your site isn’t important. If your website has both versions (i.e. mobile and desktop), that’s even better.

Do your best to optimize your website’s mobile experience from all possible ways.

Make the Most Out of App Store Optimization (ASO)

To download a mobile app, more than 65% people rely on searching new apps through App Store. That’s why ranking high on App Store can give your new app a big boost of traffic (i.e. new downloads, new installs, etc).

A few things to remember for ASO: Keep the keywords within 100 characters, make the app title descriptive and within 50 characters, add your keywords to titles, choose categories that reflect the best of your app, optimize the first few lines of your app, and upload the best images as the first two screenshots. Of course, there are more that you can and should optimize.

Optimize your Pinterest Efforts

On Pinterest, over 80% of users access it through their mobile devices.

Until now, Pinterest is still an untapped opportunity for SEO. Pinterest isn’t really a social network, but is more of a search engine. But many people believe Pinterest is tagged as some social media sites, and that’s makes it sit apart from any formal and informal Google focused optimization efforts.

On Pinterest, it gives you opportunities for creativity and storytelling. The concept behind is about discovey – Pinterest is a discovery platform where Pinners search for new ideas. From a search engine’s perspective, more than 95% of Pinterest searches in 2016 were non-branded terms, which is a great signal for long term discovery opportunity.

At this point you must have a mobile-optimized site. Once your Pinterest image optimization is up for the challenge, then Pinterest users will be able to reach your website.