Measure The Web Accessibility of Your WordPress Site with The AccessiBe WordPress Plugin

Currently, you might wonder how much your site is lagging behind when the subject of WordPress accessibility comes to your mind. If you are worried about the above, there is good news for you- all WordPress sites have the ability to be accessible already all thanks to accessiBe wordpress plugin. However, at the same time, the above depends upon the following:

  1. How the site is developed and customized.
  2. Whether the site is using any inaccessible theme.
  3. Whether you have installed an inaccessible plugin.

If you are not careful, all of these three factors hamper the accessibility of your site. In order to understand whether your site is accessible or not, you need to conduct a detailed audit. Once you have understood the different kinds of accessibility, you are able to conduct this audit successfully.

In some nations, it is mandatory under law for your business to have an accessible site for everyone, including people with disability. If any website fails to comply with the legal guidelines laid out, the business is liable to heavy penalties and legal suits. Business owners in the past used to address web accessibility issues with manual techniques; however, this process entailed a lot of effort and money.

It was very hard for small business owners to make their sites accessible with manual methods. At least their larger counterparts had their own web development team to help them fix these issues. Small business owners in the USA often used DIY methods, and since they were not experts in the field of web accessibility, they regularly overlooked several things,invoking legal penalties due to non-compliance with ADA and WCAG guidelines.

Get better web traffic and search engine optimization

You have invested your time and money in a WordPress site as a business owner. Obviously, you want it to be accessible to everyone, including people with a disability, or else you will lose out on business opportunities to a large section of people. When it came to web accessibility, businesses that paid attention to it were rewarded with better SEO ranks and web traffic.

How do you know whether your website is accessible and fully compliant with the laws of the land or not?

If you are not sure about the levels of accessibility your site has, you can always resort to the helpful audit tool called aCe Scanner by Accessibe. This tool is a free one and helps you to get an accessibility audit from the comfort of any place.

When it comes to getting a competitive edge in the market, the accessibe wordpress plugin is an AI-infused innovative tool that gives you the benefits of timely and cost-effective web accessibility and ADA and WCAG compliance. Installing such a tool for your WP site ensures that you can make all the adjustments to your site with ease and reach out to a wider audience for your business. Moreover, you will save a lot of time and money with it as well!