Mobile Device Management Software

Mobile Device Management Software is security software utilized by the company’s IT department. IT departments of businesses and companies use this type of security software to manage and secure associates and employees’ mobile devices. These would be mobile devices usually carried by multiple mobile service providers and carried through mobile operating systems used by the employees in the company.

Typically, Mobile Device Management Software works best in conjunction with additional security devices. By combining mobile device management software in combination with other security services, a mobile device and security management system are utilized.

Mobile Security Risks

The IT department of your employer has to work overtime to protect employee’s smartphones. Even if your employee is careful to watch out for any malicious links, chances for security risks on smartphones still can be high. Unfortunately, with personal data and corporate combined on a smartphone, it is almost impossible to avoid malware invading your smartphone.

Types Of Security Risks

– Recently a primary mobile device management software used by major telecommunications company found infection of 36 Android devices. The breach was not the fault of the employee; the malware was already on the smartphone when the employee took the phone out of its sealed packaging. How did the malware enter into the smartphone? The unsecured apps were not standard apps included by the manufacturer. Somewhere in the supply chain process, the malicious apps had been installed on the smartphones.

– On the Google Play App, just recently, malware was discovered. Once the Google Play App was infected, the malware generated vast amounts of clicks that were fraudulent. These actions generated revenues for the creators of the malware by creating false clicks on advertisements.

– Unfortunately, even in legitimate applications, your contacts can be extracted from your smartphone. These can be useful apps utilized daily.

– Banking malware is used by cybercriminals to steal critical personal information from mobile banking customers, including the ability to take over other smartphone apps, stealing personal and professional bank card credentials and data.

– The most common of network invasion is ransomware. Once the ransomware has attached itself to one mobile device, the ransomware endlessly copies itself to every computer and mobile devices it can reach.

The Solution

Mobile Management Software works in three steps. First, the software deploys to the devices. After deployment, the wireless device will be activated after authentication. The second step is risk detection and reporting of alternation. The final step is enforcement of access for noncompliant devices such as removing access to the affected search engine on the wireless device. Examples of these type of mobile device management software programs would be Intune.


It not as simple as the company assuming its employees’ mobile devices are safe and free of malicious malware. Even wireless devices sealed in manufacturer’s packaging are not safe. That why all companies, no matter how small, need dependable mobile device management software.

In the long run, the cost of this software is far more reasonable in price compared to your business’s bank accounts, credit cards, credentials, and malware affecting your advertising and marketing by cybercriminals. In closing, think of how much of your business profits can be stolen by use of this confidential information.