Mobile Phones: The New Means Of Learning

Mobile phones are the fastest growing technology that has seen an immense growth in the development of technology. Mobile phones were initially made for telecommunication, but later switched to the learning process as well. With the advancement of normal phones to smartphones, one can easily use mobile phones for studying. Various mobile applications have been developed which can be used for providing learning for various classes or even to the competitive examination like JEE Exam, UPSC, CAT etc.

Mobile learning is generally interactive and engaging which includes learning through video, audio, animation with enhanced learning techniques in a simpler and faster way. Here are a few major advantages of using the mobile phones for learning-


(i) Visual technique for studies- It has been scientifically stated that human mind tends to have a better understanding and imagination for things that they actually see rather than just creating an imaginary story, which is not accurate to the original method. Video also helps to retain the knowledge for a long duration, whereas concepts read through textbooks can easily be faded within a day or two.


(ii) 24/7 Availability- Mobile phones are in possession of students almost every moment of time, which can be used from anywhere at any point in time. Students can even study during the time of travelling, utilizing their leisure time. Class sessions are time-bounded whereas learning through mobile is not. Thus the portability and compactness of mobile phones have become more popular for studies amongst students.


(iii) Personalized learning tool- Every student has a different pace of learning, some may be fast while others take more time in understanding the concepts. Thus a personal tool can be used where everyone can study individually, without any competition or study in a hurry.
Many times, majority of students are unable to clear their doubt in a classroom, which later on becomes their fear for the subject. Thus this personal tool can be utilized by them whenever they are in need to get solutions to all of their problems. This helps them to build up their confidence and motivate them in learning.

(iv) Sequential arrangement- Learning through mobile phones can be helpful for the students as it provides concepts in a sequence. One can study along the flow without any problem related to the understanding of the concepts. Many times one can find a topic to be related to another topic, which needs to be studied in a sequence. Thus mobile learning allows the students to get aware of the importance of the topic and their relation to other as well.

These are the various techniques how learning through mobile phones can be helpful for students to develop to their full potential. Learn various concepts of Maths and Science such as Circles, Electricity, Magnetism etc. by subscribing to our BYJU’S YouTube channel.