With the development of medical science, the medical equipment also developed. The medical sciences have advanced so much that many shocking things are possible nowadays. Similarly, a product or an equipment which is used is called an infusion pump is also a revolution in the development of the medical field. The Invisible pumps are medical equipment which is used to inject drugs through the injection in the cannula of the patient. The Invisible pumps are of further various types. Nowadays infusion pumps are being introduced in the hospitals. The use of these pumps is done by setting the dose quantity on the computer screen of the pump, and then according to intervals set the pump induces the drug into the body through the syringe. Infusible pumps are helpful because they save a lot of time and also the job of nurses gets shared.

Working of infusible pump:

The infusion pumps basically control the injection or the syringe, which is fitted into the infusible pump apparatus. The infusion pump works in steps as explained below:

  • The infusion pump is first switched on through AC or rechargeable batteries.
  • Then the amount of the drug to be administered and time of the drug in which it is to be pushed in the veins is set in the machine.
  • Then the syringe full of the drug is fitted into the operators of the infusible pump.
  • Then the machine is started and then the drug administered to the body of the patient as per the time set in the machine automatically.


Various advantages of infusible pumps are explained as follows:

  1. Infusible pumps are time-saving.
  2. It is a good device to inject patients and looks like has a great future.
  3. The administration of drugs by these pumps is quite professional and accurate.