Much more to know about Grandstream products

The products of Grandstream are specially designed for assimilation as they support to open source SIP platform and therefore are flexible with most service providers and third party technology vendors across the world. There are many largest service providers worldwide who trust and use the products of Grandstream.

There are many Grandstream distributors who provide wide range of IP phones, ATAs, Gateways, IP PBXs and more. There is a large list of service providers across the world. They would offer you IP voice and video telephony devices run the open source SIP platform and are therefore interoperable with a variety of third party SIP products and services that includes SIP PBXs, SIP software, IP door phones and much more.

Grandstream has developed a strong solution customized for each individual streamlines communication and efficiency of workload. It makes devices of telephone simpler and easier to use than ever before. Let us just have a look below Grandstream IP phones:

  • High End IP phones: This phone allows users to handle more calls and approach to best efficiency tools. Grandstream offers High End IP phones for those who want latest telephony features, multiple line support, and mobility options.
  • Extension modules: This phone is best for the one who wants for high call volume. This phone helps access to a clear and efficient way to easily route and control calls.
  • Basic IP phones: Spontaneous IP phones put persuasive and effective communication approach in the hands of users who require it. It offers efficient, no fuss communication for those who wants a simpler connection. It is best for ware house deployments, hotel rooms and information booths.

There are still many more to go with. You can visit its official site and choose any of them according to your requirements.