N2 Elite download, where to download the most amiibo bin files from the Internet?

If you know the N2 Elite and plan to buy it to emulate the amiibos on Nintendo Switch, Wii U or 3DS consoles, besides choose the reliable site to comprar N2 Elite with N2 USB Reader, find a detailed user guide to set it up, you also should know where to download the free amiibo bin files for N2 Eite tag, in this post, I will tell you the answer.

Where to download the most Amiibos for N2 Elite from online?

You can download the amiibo bin files from NFC-BANK.COM, very easy to get free amiibos from that site, no need for register or login. Everytime, you press the download button, you can download a list of amiibo files from this site. As for which amiibos now supported by N2 Elite, just check the following list.

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Last Updated: May 9th, 2017

Rundown of Amiibo and what is/is excluded at this moment.

  • Animal Crossing Amiibo Figures (16/16)
  • Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards
    • Series 1 Cards (100/100)
    • Series 2 Cards (100/100)
    • Series 3 Cards (100/100)
    • Series 4 Cards (100/100)
    • Amiibo Festival Cards (3/3)
    • Character Parfait Cards (2/2)
    • Welcome Amiibo Series (50/50)
    • Animal Crossing x Sanrio Series (6/6)
  • Kirby Amiibo Figures (4/4)
  • Chibi-Robo Amiibo Figure (1/1)
  • Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo Figures (6/6)
  • Pokkén Tournament Amiibo Card (1/1)
  • Shovel Knight Amiibo Figure (1/1)
  • Skylanders SuperChargers Amiibo Figures (4/4)
  • Splatoon Amiibo Figures (8/8)
  • Splatoon 2 Amiibo Figures (3 figures not yet released)
  • Super Mario Amiibo Figures (15/15)
  • Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Amiibo Figures (2/2)
  • BoxBoy! Amiibo Figure (1/1)
  • Fire Emblem Amiibo Figures (2 figures not yet released)
  • Mario Sports Amiibo Cards (90/90)
  • Super Smash Bros Amiibo Figures (57/63) (6 are not yet released)
  • The Legend of Zelda Amiibo Figures
    • The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Wolf Link Amiibo Figure (1/1)
    • The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Amiibo Figures (4/7) (3 are not yet released, 2 are avaliable in the powersaves section as spoofs)
    • The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Amiibo Figures (5/5)
  • Yoshi’s Woolly World Amiibo Plush Toys (5/5)
  • Pikmin Amiibo Figure (1 not yet released)

Also Included:
A Readme containing credits and a list of the missing amiibo from the collection. (readme.txt)
The Amiibo Retail Encryption Keys (key_retail.bin)

Red [All are currently missing and planned for inclusion when the are released]
Blue [Known Incomplete, currently being sought after. See post #3 below for a list]
Orange [Partial Completion, see sub info for details]
Yellow [Temporarily Complete, more figures are known to be coming out soon]
Green [Totally Complete, no more makes sense of are coming either, this is 100% done]


Q: How do I use these bin files?
A: As stated above, a variety of devices and programs can make use of amiibo bin files. The most well known utilization of them are N2/Amiiqo gadgets, which are little plastic plates that contain a microcontroller and a NFC label test system. The other popular way is by making fake amiibo out of NTAG215s using the TagMo android app.