Offer gift-wrapping options for select products

As more shoppers turn to Amazon for their purchases, it’s become a platform for buying and shipping gifts — directly to the recipient. That’s why it’s helpful to offer gift-wrapping options for your products. It’s a selling point that can sway shoppers to purchase your goods over your competitors.

Amazon, however, does limit gift-wrapping to Amazon Professional Sellers — as an Amazon Professional Seller, you pay a monthly subscription fee. If you’re an Amazon Professional Seller, you enable gift-wrapping in your account settings.

If you utilize FBA, you can turn on gift-wrapping at no additional charge.

Expand into international markets

Depending on your company and products, it’s worth considering the value of moving into global markets. By growing your target market, say from consumers in the U.S. to consumers in the U.S. and Canada, you can potentially increase your sales and revenue.

It’s critical, however, that your company researches the feasibility of expanding. You need to consider not only the demand for your product but also the competition in that market. Plus, should assess whether your company can meet the increased demand for your goods.

Use FBA Export for international orders

If a foreign expansion offers undeniable value for your business, it’s worth using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Export. What is FBA Export? It’s an FBA feature that permits Amazon to fulfill your international orders using your existing FBA inventory, which resides in the U.S.

For many businesses, FBA Export is invaluable — plus it doesn’t include any additional fees. It also eases the process of entering a new market for your company, which minimizes your stress without reducing your Amazon sales.

Read Amazon marketing and advertising case studies

Another way you can increase your Amazon sales? Get some inspiration from fellow companies that advertise and market on Amazon. While you can browse our portfolio, you can also view Amazon’s curated selection of case studies, which come from companies of all sizes.

In most cases, you’ll notice that each business had a specific goal. They also utilized a lot of the tips we mention in this guide, from conducting keyword research to starting PPC campaigns to optimizing product listings.

Use these case studies to inspire your strategy for improving Amazon sales.

Partner with an Amazon marketing agency

It’s a time-intensive and skill-heavy process to manage and optimize your Amazon presence — especially if you want to increase your sales on Amazon. Due to the expertise and time that Amazon optimization requires, many companies partner with a marketing agency for Amazon., for instance, is a full-service Amazon done for your agency that offers the following Amazon services:

  1. Advertising on Amazon
  2. Product optimization for Amazon
  3. Review management for Amazon
  4. Amazon Store launch
  5. Amazon consulting

Plus, we feature innovative and proprietary technology for creating a custom data-driven strategy. With our technology and expertise, you can seamlessly start your amazon business at a professional level.