Original High performance SKYRC B6AC V2 battery Charger Discharger

SKYRC B6AC V2 is the upgraded second product in the B6AC series. The former product was widely accepted by many customers. With enhanced features, the latest product is very easy to use and is more accurate. To increase the safety of the user various additions such as ‘automatic charging current limit’, ‘capacity limit’, ‘temperature threshold’ and ‘processing time limit’ have been added. You can now control or upgrade it by connecting it to a PC. It can also be used as a ‘lithium battery meter’ or a ‘battery internal resistance meter’.

This high-performance product is a micro-processor with a charge/discharge station. The battery management station is compatible with all the current batteries and can accommodate 6 cells. It has a maximum of 6A current charge and 50W power. It is suitable as an equalizer for LiPo- ‘Lithium- Polymer’, LiFe- ‘Lithium iron phosphate’ and LiIon –‘Lithium-Ion’ batteries. The power source required may be an 11-18V DC or 100-240V which may be obtained by the built in ‘switch-mode power supply’.


The SKYRC B6AC V2 is professional balance charger/discharger which is equipped with an LCD monitor which displays the type and number of batteries and the current and voltage passing through it. It can be controlled manually or with the help of a computer. There are 4 menu control options which are available just below the monitor. One of the sides contains a battery socket and a balance socket. At the rear end, there are extensions available for insertion of AC source and DC source separately. There is also a plug in for attachment to the PC. A temperature sensor can also be attached to this end.


This charger has a specialized ‘cell-voltage’ balancer.

It can store the different charging/discharging profiles. It has a memory of 10 pofiles.

It is very user friendly and has options through which the user can keep a track of the battery’s voltage profiles.

It can be used for all current batteries including LiPo- ‘Lithium- Polymer’, LiFe- ‘Lithium iron phosphate’ and LiIon –‘Lithium-Ion’ batteries.

Charging method: CC/CV for batteries which are made of lithium or lead;’ Delta-peak sensitivity’ for NiMH/NiCd type of batteries.

The special new additions include ‘automatic charging current limit’, ‘capacity limit’, ‘temperature threshold’ and ‘processing time limit’.

Each package consists of the battery charger unit and battery accessories which include

‘AC Power Cable’

‘DC Power cable’

‘T plug with Banana/Alligator/Futaba Connector Cable’

‘ T plug with JST connector charging cable’
T plug with XT60 connector charging cable’