Phone Answering Service vs. Call Centers

There is nothing worse for a potential client or customer who calls your business, and the phone keeps ringing and stops with the only opportunity to give one a 30-second message.  The business is not considered credible or professional and leaves a terrible first impression.   The first impression of a small business is critical. “Presentation” is said to be everything.  If a sole proprietorship hires a full-time secretary, the owner cannot pay rent to keep the doors open to maintain a business

But removing the benefits leaves one with an uninspired voice, with a client sensing that the business must be in trouble if it can’t hire pleasant and professional employees.  The only way to keep a business going, with the opportunity to make a profit is the smart use of a full-time phone answering service and a part-time secretary with management duties, paying incentives, which are tied to the business profits.

A business must have a plan and budget controls. The significant investment in your business is spent on marketing and inventory.   The money dedicated to marketing is critical, and it is possible that the choice of your phone answering services can double as a marketing device and to also gather and maintain customers. What is the best small business phone answering service?

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Basic Services of Phone Answering Service

Answering services can provide:

*    24/7/365/ services
*    Virtual receptionists
*    Messages and voicemails
*    Routing and call transfer
*   Generating pre qualified leads.
*    Placing Orders
*    An Industry-specific approach
*     24/7 access to  your account online

Live Service vs. Call Centers

The question one has to ask is, What particular benefits does the small business owner want from an answering service?

Live Service

  • Full Time Receptionists
  • All Calls answered live within a set number of rings
  • Real-time call connections are seamless
  • Calls are privately announced before connecting
  • Communication with Receptionist, throughout the day
  • After call connection, unlimited free talk time
  • Your receptionist is the caller experience
  • Receptionist is the extension of your staff
  • Locally based, small office
  • On-site training available, meet your receptionists

Call Center

  • Part-time shift workers
  • Calls answered by recording
  • Call patching is extra
  • Awkward conferencing, with operator or blind transfer
  • No direct communication with operators
  • Frequent per minute charges for the duration of the call
  • Call experience is a third-party service
  • Ability to assist callers is limited
  • Distant or off shore call center
  • No personal contact

Appointment Setting Answering Service 

This service is streamlined and has one reason to exist, which is taking down messages.  The professions that use this server are medical, real estate, Law, and service providers.