Practical Ways to Get Instagram Followers

Have you been on Instagram for a while and still only have a few Instagram followers to show for it? If so, you probably only receive a handful of likes and comments on your posts as well. Following are a few practical ways to get more Instagram followers, likes and comments.

Re-Evaluate Your Niche
If you want to get more Instagram followers, you need to have a specific niche in mind. If you haven’t determined who your ideal customer is, it’s time to re-evaluate your niche. Once you do, make sure that every photo you post will be useful to your “ideal Instagram follower”. People follow Instagram accounts because they appreciate what they see and feel that the company can be depended on to continue delivering relevant photos.

Use Only Your Best Photos
Consider the accounts you follow on Instagram. Unless they’re friends, you probably follow them because you enjoy their photos. It just makes sense that you would do the same for your potential and current Instagram followers. When users land on your account, blow them away with your well thought out mobile phone photography abilities. Another thing to keep in mind is that, if you’ve taken a variety of photos during a shoot, you should create multi-image posts (you can use up to 10 images). Using multiple images in a post makes it possible for you to tell a detailed story in just one post.

Include a Call to Action (CTA)
To generate more interactions (likes and comments) on Instagram, don’t pass up on a chance to ask for it. Ask visitors to “like” the photo if they like it. You can also ask for recommendations, start a conversation, etc. This strategy will also help you get more interactions on Facebook, Twitter and blog posts.

Use Hashtags Intelligently
Using hashtags is one of the key ways to get your posts in front of more people who will interact with your videos and photos. The thing is that if your brand isn’t emphasizing the right goals or questions, the time and effort you put into it will be pointless. So, take the time to create relevant, compelling posts and hashtags. Instagram restricts the number of hashtags that accounts can use 30 in each post. The jury is out when it comes to how many hashtags you should actually use per post, so you may want to experiment.

Interact with Your Community
Remember, Instagram is a social network, so in order to really succeed, you need to integrate yourself into your Instagram community. At a minimum, you should be replying to comments, and tagging places and people relevant to, or in your photos. To take your efforts to the next level, follow hashtags that are relevant to your niche. Some of the photos that are tagged with the hashtags are going to show up in your feed. Invest some time leaving useful remarks on these posts, and those that are following profiles you value. These actions will help you get in front of other consumers in your niche.

Use Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories provide a highly effective way to build loyalty and create engagement in a user’s community. Instagram Stories provide the perfect way to share more dynamic photos and videos that can provide a behind the scenes look at anything you’re conveying on your profile.

By employing the practical tips listed here, you’ll be able to create a far more compelling profile and become a sought after and appreciated part of your Instagram community. If you’re consistent, you’ll gradually see your Instagram followers grow and interactions improve, both necessities when it comes to Instagram marketing success.