Privnote encrypts communications to boost privacy

Modern society places a great deal of emphasis on privacy. With data breaches and surveillance being commonplace, protecting our communications is vital. Privnote offers a simple yet effective solution – encrypted messaging that self-destructs.

  1. Type or paste your message into the text box on the website.
  2. Adding a password will encrypt it.
  3. Click “Create Note” to generate a unique, one-time link to your encrypted message.
  4. Copy and send this link to the intended recipient via email or messaging.
  5. When the recipient opens the link, they’ll see the decrypted message. After it’s viewed once, the message is permanently deleted from Privnote’s server.

The encrypted message is not stored anywhere – it exists temporarily on Privnote’s server only until the recipient views it once. It makes Privnote perfect for sending confidential information that you don’t to be stored online indefinitely.

  • Messages are encrypted before being stored on Privnote’s server and only be decrypted with the unique link. Not even Privnote access the contents.
  • Messages automatically delete from their servers forever after being read once, ensuring privacy.
  • Users don’t have to create accounts or log in, just visit the website and start creating end-to-end encrypted messages.
  • Privnote is free to use without ads or upsells. Donations keep the service running.
  • Privnote is open-source software, so its encryption methods are inspected and audited by experts.
  • Privnote doesn’t collect or store any metadata like IP addresses or browsing data.

Why you should use privnote?

Privnote makes transmitting confidential information fast, easy, and secure for both personal and professional communications.

  • Sending passwords, API keys, or sensitive credentials
  • Communicating private health information or medical records
  • Discussing confidential legal or business matters
  • Providing credit card or financial details
  • Sharing addresses, phone numbers, or other personal info
  • Protecting trade secrets, inventions, or intellectual property
  • Reporting crimes, harassment or abuse discreetly
  • Whistleblowing, acting, visit or political communications
  • Previewing creative work and content before release
  • Personal messages, therapy notes, journal entries or diaries

Compared to normal email or privatemessage, Privnote minimizes the risks of data leaks, hacked accounts, or surveillance. Messages essentially “burn after reading”, leaving no trace.

How privnote encryption works?

  • AES-256 symmetric encryption: Messages are encrypted client-side with 256-bit AES before being transmitted, making them unreadable in transit.
  • SSL/TLS: All connections use HTTPS encryption between the user’s device and Privnote’s servers.
  • Perfect forward secrecy: Encryption keys are generated uniquely per message and discarded after use so they cannot be compromised in the future if Privnote’s system is breached.
  • Salted password hashing: If a password is set, it is hashed with a random salt value so the actual password remains protected even after being cracked.
  • No data retention: Messages disappear from Privnote’s servers after being read once. No data or metadata is stored.

Thanks to these cryptographic protections, even Privnote itself cannot decrypt or read users’ messages. The unique link functions like a decryption key, allowing only the intended recipient to unlock and view the content.