Propane-powered scooter – turn to the green side now

In the world of gas-powered scooters, it’s truly hard to find something that is both reliable and easy to use and maintain. The chemical properties of gasoline make it just impossible to prevent the issues like carburetor gumming or engine clogging. As you probably know, the fuel of that type often comes with the additives that increase the octane number but provide a harmful effect on the environment and the operation of the vehicle. And, surely, those who have used the gas vehicles would gladly exchange them for propane-powered scooters just to face fewer troubles.

ProGo propane scooter – how it actually looks like

ProGo scooter is a compact vehicle that has 42 inches in height (floor to handlebars) and 44 inches in length. As to the width, it comes with a 9.5 inches footboard section and 17 inches handlebars. Despite its tiny dimensions, the product is designed to carry the weight of up to 200 lbs (90.7 kilos) due to a rugged steel frame. A 25 cc four-stroke engine offers an easy pull start function and a maximum speed of 20 mph. In combination with 16.4 oz tank (propane cylinder), it grants you with a 2-3 hour riding time with no need of canister refilling.

The full weight of the appliance is 35 lbs (nearly 16 kilos). The model is equipped with the front and rear disk brakes attached to the 8-inch wheels. It is safe, user-friendly, and ecologically clean. To add more, its manufacturer provides a 90 days parts replacement warranty. All in all, the scooter is easy to operate and store – a perfect choice for those who seek a low-maintenance vehicle. In case you need more technical details, visit and check the reviews.

The benefits it grants you with

Now, from technical details we move to the practical use. The first thing we’d like to focus our attention on is the scooter’s flexibility. One of the visible advantages of such small device is that it can easily get out of any road jam or a non-standard situation. Even if there’s no way to ride your vehicle, you can always fold it and carry to a less busy/crowded place and remount the appliance. A dry weight of 16 kilos allows you to do it without any outer help. Also, the fact that it’s foldable relieves you of the need to look for a parking place or worry about your transport being left outside.

Another thing worth mentioning is the use of eco-friendly technology. Indeed, propane boasts a significant advantage over gasoline – it dissolves in the air and emits no toxic exhausts. Its boiling temperature is only 42 C and it burns completely leaving no traceable scent or harmful waste. Should we underline its benefits for the environment and your health? Also, the use of propane fuel contributes to the engine’s quiet work, which undoubtedly will save you plenty of nerves and keep your device on go for a longer time. There’s no overheating or jamming. You just ride your vehicle and enjoy every minute of owning it.