Pros and Cons of Using Templates

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If you are in the midst of having your website or blog built and if you haven’t selected a template, yet – STOP EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW and read this!

If you haven’t selected a template, you will have to pay more to the person designing your website or blog. Also, let’s not forget that when you have a template in hands, you can make your entire website or blog on your own; yes – you don’t even need the designer for yourself if you know how to work on the template.

If you want to know about the pros and cons of selecting a template, let us begin with the pros, first:

  1. It becomes easier for you to build the website (as mentioned earlier); you don’t need the help of a third party.
  2. No HTML coding needs to be done since the template is already created just the way you want it to be. Your website or blog looks amazing!
  3. There are several plugins that you can use to enhance the look of your template; if you want more from a specific template, simply learn about the plugins and use them.
  4. There are different themes available for different kinds of business houses. For an instance, if you have a furniture business, there are hundreds of furniture shopify themes that you can pick one from. What more can you ask for?

Every single thing in this world has both, pros as well as cons. Now that we know about the pros of choosing and using a template, let’s move ahead and check the cons as well:

  1. You might not wish to hire someone else to do the job for you. This may require more efforts from your end. You have to do things on your own when you have a template with you.
  2. Sometimes, you might not get the theme as per your desire. What we mean is that you might like certain elements from a specific theme and certain elements from another theme as well. For an instance, when you go through various flower shop shopify themes, you might like certain things from one template and certain things from other templates. You can’t pick elements from different templates, even though you can customize one on your own.

No matter how many disadvantages are there of using templates, more and more people have started using them to make good websites and blogs.