Protect Your Hair this summer with This Handy-Dandy Guide

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Summer is here and that means spending time at the beach and pool. Which also means more exposure to the sun than ever. We all know where this is going – Yep, hair damage caused by UV rays. 

While many stress about protecting their skin as soon as summer arrives, there’s something that everyone fails to protect – their hair! That’s right, the sun’s harmful rays can severely damage hair strands and this is exactly the reason why you should follow a strict hair care routine for sun-protection. 

Then again, changing your hair care routine isn’t all that hard. So before you think about chopping it all off by checking to a haircut app or hair stylist appointment app, make sure you go through our handy-dandy guide for summer hair care. We made it easier for you bycompiling a list of hair care techniques that will help keep your hair healthy all summer long.

  1. Cover Your Mane:

We get it – you want to show off your beautiful strands outdoors. However, prolonging your hair to be exposed to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can greatly damage your hair cuticles even more than harsh chemicals. Wearing a cute hat or stylish head scarf under the umbrella can help you protect your mane for long periods of time. Additionally, covering your hair up with a swimming cap while you come in contact with water is also highly recommended by dermatologists.

  1. Wear a Hair-Protecting Hairstyle:

You’ll need some hairstyling tips for this one. To protect your hair, some hairstyles may actually be more useful than just letting it stay open. Not only will these hairstyles protect your hair from harmful sunrays but also from harsh elements in the environment. They can also help you to be more active without being too careful.

  1. Go for a Deep Conditioner:

Moisturizing your hair is a must! The heat is well-known for drying up your hair, which is exactly why you need a deep conditioner. Dermatologists recommend using a deep conditioner after you swim to help your strands regain the lost moisture. Conditioners that are made to revive hair from damage and breaking are the best.

  1. Wash Your Hair After Swimming:

Don’t wait for the next day to wash your hair. Dermatologists recommend washing hair as soon as you get out of the chlorinated pool. Chlorine is well-known for damaging your strands and cuticle. If you don’t then prepare to welcome a head full of of frizzy, dull, and damaged hair.


  1. Avoid Heat Exposure:

This is a classic rule that everyone knows about. Heat can greatly damage your hair and if you’re into straightening and blow-drying, make sure you keep it to a minimum this summer. Consider adding heat-free hairstyles to your hairstyling routine.

  1. Pick a Time:

Dermatologists say that sun’s rays are most intense between the timings of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Pick a time to go out that’s not between that and you can help give your hair a break from heat!