Providing Customer-Centric Customer Support with Great Tools

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Do you know it is not the poor quality of the product that infuriates a customer rather it is the irresponsible behavior of the contact center representative that makes a customer go nuts? In fact, a research paper published by Harvard Business Review discusses this phenomenon. Almost half the people that participated in the survey said that they would switch to using a different company’s services if they see the customer care department of the current service provider is not responsive enough.

As you can see, providing sub-par customer support is going to hurt your business in more than one way. It should become a priority to improve the existing customer care department of your agency so that you don’t lose any customers.

One of the most important things here is to equip your contact center agents. Give them access to powerful tools and enable them to provide better and faster resolutions to customers’ problems.

Call Conferencing

How do you feel when you have to explain the same thing to multiple people over and over again? Sometimes this can drive you mad. This is what can happen to your customers when their call gets escalated to another department and they have to explain their problem multiple times.

This can be really frustrating for a customer, however this problem can be fixed easily if you integrate call conferencing feature into your existing contact center support system. Call conferencing eliminates the need to transfer the call, thus making it easier for senior contact center employees to provide faster resolution. There are a number of applications and solutions available in the market and Genesys technical support of contact centers is probably the best among them.

IVR Technology

Before your agent picks up the call, you need to make sure that the calls are getting routed correctly. With IVR technology in place, you can rest assured that the calls are getting redirected to the specific contact center agent, otherwise it can become a mess. Imagine your sales departments getting thousands of calls from people who are looking for technical support. So many hours will be lost redirecting those calls to the right department but with IVR technology in place, you would not have to worry about a thing.

IVR can dramatically increase the customer satisfaction level and can help your contact center department resolve issues faster. However, if you are finding it hard to manage all aspects of your contact center departments, you can get in touch with Miratech. Be it Genesys custom application development or standard Genesys solution, Miratech is making its presence felt in this particular domain.

Screen Popup

Routing calls to the specific department is not the end of the job, however. You will also have to make sure that the contact center agents have quick access to customer profiles. You may need to invest in proper call center software that will help the agents to easily identify the client. Ideally, the software application should open a popup with customer profile once the customer ID is entered into the system. The profile would give details on the customer’s name, email address, issues that he faced previously, history of interactions and other information that can be useful to the call center agent.