R4i Gold 3DS Plus VS R4i SDHC 3DS VS R4i B9S: Which to Buy for Playing 3DS/DS Games?

If there is something that fills us with excitement, it is video games. And what is better than being able to play it when you want and where you want? The company Nintendo has created a portable console to play whenever you want. The best thing about this device except for being able to play it whenever you want and being played by both adults and kids alike is its ability to tweak and enhance its features with flashcards. 3DS/DS games being a native of Nintendo require cards such as the R4i Gold 3DS Plus, R4i SDHC 3DS, and R4i B9S to enhance our gaming pleasure of the Nintendo. However, one can be confused entirely on which of these cards is actually best to buy for playing 3DS/DS games on the Nintendo. We are going to mention briefly the features of these flashcards to assess the best to buy.

R4i Gold 3DS Plus

This is a top choice card for playing 3DS/DS games; it comes pre-flashed and doesn’t need to be flashed again by you. It has an internal switch to enable changing in-between NTRBoot mode and DS games. Also, this card is highly compatible with WoodR4 which makes it a top competitor in this confusion. You can get the R4i Gold 3DS plus.


Even though this card comes highly recommended, it still lacks some top features as compared to the R4i Gold 3DS Plus. There are several versions of this card with 2014-2018 versions all being supported and are a rebrand of the R4i 3DS RTS. It should be noted that this card has timebomb and with 2013 label are not supported. Using unsupported card may cause brick when injecting NTRBoot, but overall it is a top card for play 3DS games.

R4i B9S

This card is the newest baby from the R4i team into the already long line of DS flash cards. It has almost the features of the R4i Gold 3DS plus, as it also comes pre-flashed with NTRBoot. This card allows both Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS users to play and enjoy backup copies of their games one cart.

Here is R4i B9S.


We have discussed briefly on each of these cards to buy for 3DS/DS games and our top pick is the R4i Gold 3DS plus, it is packed with awesome features and doesn’t have a timebomb making it stand out from the rest.