Real selling: what you need to know before the meeting with the client – top 5 tips

The profile of the potential client on the table in the form of a printed file. All the preliminary work is done. And a very important deal lies ahead. How to set yourself up to win and what else should you learn about the client to find the key to his heart and wallet? A detailed analysis of current trends in personal selling was made by the experts of Reply. In this article they analyzed not only the current trends, but also gave some tips on how to increase the effectiveness of personal selling and what you should pay attention to when preparing for meetings. You can read more at We will pay attention to some peculiarities of the preparation for communication, which can be decisive in the development of the company and in the purchase of a large package of services.

Important details.

When the main client profile is ready, you should gather information about the potential client in little details. These are the ones that can make all the difference:

  • find out or get an idea of how the potential client communicates with people – dry and only on a professional topic, officially, with humor, casually, neutrally, etc. This will help set the right tone for the entire meeting and presentation.
  • carry out a “reconnaissance” of the person’s lifestyle and try to match his or her level of richness in dress, habits and communication style;
  • find the “pain points” – identify personal reference points of the potential client, which will help you find the right balance of priorities and goal-setting;
  • think about what problems would like to solve for a client and how you can help him in this, including even the little things in life – buying a ticket to an interesting concert or booking a table at an exclusive restaurant. This service should not be perceived as an expectation of a positive decision, but only as a manifestation of friendliness and good tone;

Also try to tune in to the client’s decision-making style, based on his public speeches, personal comments and opinions of partners, colleagues.

Just before you start: The finishing touches of preparation

If the potential client works a significant distance away, the first contact is usually by phone, email or using social media, such as LinkedIn. It’s important to be friendly without being ingratiating. A rapport should be established before a face-to-face meeting occurs. This is an advantage, especially if the actual presentation begins. Because there is a feeling of communicating with someone you already know. And this removes the stressful feeling and allows you to establish a business and productive dialogue.