Reasons Why You Should Download A Virtual HD Fireplace

A fireplace is a luxury that, only a selected few, can afford. Not only installing a fireplace is tedious but the daily maintenance is cumbersome. The use of various temperature controlling techniques has nullified the heating advantage or requirement of a fireplace.

The presence of a fireplace in a room is not only for its heating aspect. The sound of burning logs and the glow produced by a fireplace adds a feeling of warmth and a sense of serenity anyone using the room. An HD fireplace video is an alternative that provides all the aesthetics of an actual fireplace minus its maintenance and installation cost.

What is a virtual fireplace?

A virtual fireplace is a full HD, Ultra HD or 4k quality video of a fireplace with a roaring fire. It contains all the actual sound effects of an actual fireplace like the crackling of wood etc. It looks like a real fireplace in any screen quality and size. There are a number of benefits of using a virtual fireplace.

The cost advantage

Compared to an actual fireplace, a virtual fireplace is cheap. The installation of an actual fireplace is very expensive, and most of the people are unable to afford it. The installation of an actual fireplace includes various building alteration such as ventilation that requires a high amount of investment. Another endeavor is the daily maintenance and the cost of wooden logs. A virtual fireplace needs no maintenance or a regular supply of wood. Once you get the video, you can use it indefinitely.

The safety advantage

When you use an actual fireplace, you need to light it whenever you want to use it. This is extremely risky since you are dealing with fire and any lapse in your attention may cause an accident. If you have kids then even after lighting the logs, it remains a cause of worry till the time it keeps burning. All these factors become irrelevant when you use a virtual fireplace.


A virtual fireplace doesn’t require any logs for burning, so you don’t need to haul a load of wood just for the sake of enjoying your fireplace. Also, the stocks of wood and fuels that are a necessity for an actual fireplace become irrelevant in the case of a virtual fireplace. You just need to sit back and switch on the screen to enjoy the warm and cozy feel of a fireplace.


When you install a fireplace, you are tied up with a design or type of a fireplace. A video fireplace allows you to choose from a number of designs and patterns. It gives you freedom to enjoy as many different fireplaces as you can wish. You can use it for any type and size of the screen whether it’s a full-size high definition (HD) television screen or a smaller computer screen.

A virtual fireplace is a fireplace that comes at a fraction of the price of an actual fireplace. It imparts the warmth and coziness of an actual fireplace without the hassles attached to it. You can use it in any place of your choice or gift it to a friend to enjoy the sounds and the feel of an actual fireplace with real life colors and sounds. All these advantages make a virtual fireplace a necessary addition to the aesthetics of your home.

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