Recover Files from External Hard Drive – Recover Deleted, Formatted and Lost Files

More and more people want to employ external hard drive to store, back up and transfer data because it has a larger volume than many other devices and is very easy to be connected to a desktop computer via a USB cable. In this case, more and more people need solution for their external hard drive data recovery. To recover lost data from external hard drive, users can experience professional and complete data recovery software.

With this free data recovery software, users can effectively recover lost data with high quality. There are several ways to recover data from software, so you may have different solutions for different reasons of data loss.

Some situations that may lead to loss of hard disk data and external solutions

Formatting without backup: When you create a new partition or read some data on the external hard drive, the files are lost due to error of formatting. Or when you format the external hard drive, you forget to back up important data and files that you lost after formatting. In order to recover lost files after formatting, you can choose how to Format recovery.

Accidental Erase: Sometimes you can accidentally delete some files from an external hard drive with the Delete option in the context menu. Files deleted from the external hard drive do not go to the Trash, deleted mode files are deleted when you run the Delete option. For this case, you can choose the advanced recovery calendar form to recover lost files.

External hard disk error is not formatted: Unformatted external hard disk error used to happen due to various reasons such as virus attack, inappropriate system off, format dead and more. In order to recover the files when an external hard drive shows unformatted error, you can choose the Deep Recovery Scan form.

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How to recover data from external hard drive?

Step 1. Stop using the external hard drive and connect it to the computer through a USB cable. Download the data recovery software and install it on your computer. After you run the software, you will get the interface in which you can choose different forms of recovery.

Step 2. Choose the correct recovery option in your case, after which you can cover the external hard drive and go forward to scan lost data from external hard drive.

Step 3. After the scan is complete, you can view all the data that was found by that particular volume, along with all of your required details. Preview the files.

Step 3. Select all required files and save them on any other device, but do not save them on your original external damaged hard drive.

If any data recovery software or technique does not work, you can hire raid recovery specialists in Salt Lake City.