Shredding Prevents Identity Theft

When you go through your everyday activities, you usually don’t spare much thought for the security of your personal information. You tap your debit card at the grocery store, send an e-transfer, and fill out online application forms. One wrong move and someone can steal the information we share in these instances. When the wrong person gets a hold of your details, the way they use it can change your life and credit score forever, so be sure to share and dispose of personal information carefully.

Personal information (or PI for short) is any data that would identify you from a crowd. Your name and address, SIN, and financial accounts are prime targets for those hoping to steal identities. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reported that 20,611 people were victims of identity theft in 2014. This was a 20 percent increase from 2012. Identity fraud is becoming more prevalent in places like Newmarket and Toronto, so it’s important to keep your information secure and protected.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre lists shredding all personal and financial documents as one of the best ways to protect yourself against identity fraud. Without shredding, it’s very easy for dumpster divers to find your PI whole and intact on paperwork or on an old laptop. Bank statements, medical bills, tax documents, and credit card applications are just a few documents that should always be shredded before being thrown away. When upgrading or getting rid of electronics, it’s important to completely destroy memories or hard drives with sensitive information on them. You might think that you have erased a computer, but hackers have very clever ways to restore information.

If the thought of continually securing all of your documents and devices is overwhelming, hiring a company might be the way to go. The residential destruction services in Toronto and the GTA are trained professionals who are insured and bonded to ensure your PI is destroyed properly. They’re equipped with state-of-the-art mobile shredders that make short work of any paper or electronic device. The pros at the document destruction Newmarket homeowners trust will even arrive at your home with these trucks and destroy everything on site.

With tax season arriving in Canada, there’s no better time than now to speak with a rep at shredding service near you. There are dedicated companies that service Toronto and the GTA every day, so it won’t be hard to schedule a shredding day for your safety. Get in touch with the document destruction Newmarket, the GTA, and Toronto trust, and avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.