SiteGround web hosting analysis

All good hosting companies in the world offer almost the same functions. Siteground is at the top of our list of web hosting services that we have analyzed, this is due to many reasons – speed, security and its wonderful customer service. The best thing about Siteground is its focus on the performance of your website.

Speed ​​and reliability – we have done ping tests on our Amsterdam server from Manchester and the speed is an impressive 12ms and from Pingdom 32ms, so the content will be provided very fast to our UK visitors. MySQL is stored in SSD and they have RAID on their hardware, so SQL requests are very fast. It has a custom cache storage mechanism to further improve the performance of the page.

To note, Siteground has an operating time of 99.996% on its servers, so your website will be active and available 24/7. One of the most vital tools is your SuperCacher, which is included in the standard hosting package.
Static Cache – the pages are stored, equally in cache, on a different server and updated every 24 hours;

Memcached – Stores the cache results of requests from the database in RAM and if the same request is needed, it will be taken instantly from the RAM;

Dynamic Cache – Cache web pages created with PHP and a database, you need to install a plugin to make this option work;

Google PageSpeed ​​- This option is a server-level module that makes your page faster by enabling mod_pagespeed on your Apache server;
We tried a page without SuperCacher activated and with the SuperCacher activated, it cut 2.3 seconds in our loading time. It was able to save a lot of our time!

Why we choose
With SuperCacher you can significantly increase the performance of the website many times and reduce the impact of your website on the server.

Security – They have free daily backups and through their special technology they can manage isolated accounts on shared servers, so if one account is infected, the others will remain intact. Actually, every account in the shared SiteGround hosting environment is live in something similar to an isolated VPS environment.

In the control panel they have the option to automatically update Joomla and WordPress, and the more updated your CMS is, the less risk there will be of malicious access to it. To have a secure web page, you need to have a secure server.

SiteGround frequently updates the server kernel, control panel and all its services, such as: Apache + PHP, MySQL, Exim, etc. SiteGround monitors against attacks – both in your network and hacking attempts, spam activity, use of abnormal resources by users and irregularities at the server level.

Features – even the most economical shared hosting that SiteGround offers is packed with everything you need to manage your page easily – 10GB of space for your page, unlimited broadband, unlimited databases, Cpanel with 1-click CMS facilities most common such as WordPress and Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, free applications from, shell accesses, cron jobs, PHP version manager.

Another thing that makes the difference between other hosting providers is customer service. It is always better when something happens, so one can be able to call someone, and so that someone is able to solve their problem. The good thing about SiteGround is that they have 24/7 customer service that is internalized, not outsourced. They have administrators and technicians available and have different means of care – telephone, chat and tickets. As discussed earlier, you can get everything you need from a hosting using Siteground.