Social Networks In Education System And Development

In the educational field, the ability to keep in contact a large group of people is the first characteristic that we can take advantage of. When the teacher does not act alone in the use of technologies through the Internet, since other teachers also do it, or even being alone, it has a large number of students (for example, more than 150), the dispersion in the sources Information from teachers and students can hinder the effectiveness of the educational task.

The Attractiveness of Social Relations

Social networks have a huge appeal in the personal aspect and relationship on the part of the user. For this reason, the greater the number of participants, the more attraction it generates in students to be able to be in direct contact with their teachers, their friends, and classmates from other courses that they may have an insight on.  This allows creating a favorable work environment that is one of the direct reasons for the success of social networks.

It would be a real mistake for a center or group of teachers to decide to work with social networks and limit the possibility of students modifying their page, upload photos, buy Instagram likes in other to draw attention to their page, create videos or music, for example. We must bear in mind that the social network bases its success on the ability to transmit knowledge to others. Something that acquires special relevance among adolescents is that the others know me through what I do and I know them by what they do. But leaving students free to establish their relationships through our network also means teaching them to know where their limits are and to respect the school, the group of teachers and their peers. The social network is an excellent way to learn this kind of things and if only for this, it would be worth its use.

Communication Improvements

Having in one space only 100 or 200 of the students themselves, along with others who do not even know, far from being something chaotic becomes a real advantage. The search engines of the networks allow locating a person or a group in a few seconds. Direct communication with the student is transformed into something very simple, either publicly through its “wall” (messages that we can leave on your page), through private messages of internal email or messages passed down to all members of a group. The same applies to students since they can contact any of their teachers and classmates directly.

Work Groups

The possibility of creating as many groups of students as you want facilitates coordination, the contact between one another, collaboration, the sharing or exchange of materials and the creation of digital products. Both students and teachers can create groups that can be accessed by all or through invitation. The system which belongs to the group likewise the moderation in the creation of the groups is configurable as regards to the needs of the moment.