Steps by Enterprise Development Company to Launch Web Application Project Securely

Today’s economy is consistently going digital, as many new devices and application platforms are emerging at a fast pace. On the other side, users are consistently demanding for friendly and powerful cross-platform solutions. Thus, if your enterprise is looking to launch a new product, it should be capable enough to satisfy the consistently changing and varying requirements of its customers.

You should contact with the experts of enterprise development, which takes care of everything whether it is related to security, administration or intuitive level of user-experience and website maintenance. In this article, you will get an outline of the important preparation stages and key decisions, which your hired enterprise development company always takes to accomplish the enterprise level of web application project securely and successfully.

Cyber Security at the Top Priority

A majority of web applications suffer from hacker attacks, malware and other easily preventable vulnerabilities to security. If you are willing to achieve success in your business in today’s landscape, you have to keep cyber security at the top priority. You should remember that the success of your website depends solely on user experience. Hence, poor security measures will likely alienate you from your potential customers. To deal with cyber security, experts of an enterprise development agency do-

Check the Website Codes Vigorously

You should always assure that your hired enterprise development expert takes the code testing and its review seriously. For this, programmers should essentially check the codes regularly and vigorously. One of the best ways to do this is adopting an innovative peer-to-peer code review. This step allows a programmer to have a fresh look at each of the codes, review it properly and introduce the highest possible level of accuracy. Besides, if possible good companies should use DALs to avoid any type of SQL injection. Reason for this is that the addition of abstraction layer on databases will cause failure to many SQL injections.

Every one of us knows very well that passwords are not the secured protection method. This is because; users often forget them and choose simple ones in a deliberate way and reuse them. To handle this situation, experts of an enterprise development company recommendfollowing either of the following options-

  • N-factor Authentication

Users may choose an N-factor authentication. In this case, they have to add text message-based verifications to perform specific types of actions.

  • Cryptographic Keys

Cryptographic Keys are another way to assure authenticity and security of passwords.

  • Tracking of IP Addresses

You may track IP addresses to login to your chosen service. For this, you may send a few polite additional emails for verification of unknown people.

Building a Secured Password or a Secret Question Storage

Other than this, any good enterprise development agency should focus on following a few guidelines to create web-based solutions and protected data storages. Accordingly-

  • Usage of a cryptographically strong and credential specific stuff
  • Always set credentials and characters of long and max lengths
  • Should design the required password storage to avoid any compromise in the password or security.