Still on Recovering Notebook HD Data: What to Do When it Gets Wet?

Today we will talk specifically about what to do when unpleasant accidents happen that end up watering your esteemed laptop. There may be several reasons why a notebook water, among them the mug of water that was next to it and you bumped, the foot of water that fell well the day you left the window open or that caught you half way when it was stored in the backpack, among many others.

Fact is that accidents happen and no one is free to have their notebook wet, mainly because it is a portable device and be much more vulnerable to HD damage. For that, you may need professional data recovery service. Knowing this, we separate a few tips from what to do when it happens to you, the probability is not so small – if it has not already happened:

  1. If possible, dry it immediately

Any wet electronic device needs to be dried as fast as possible – that’s a rule. If you have the right tools, such as a notebook-specific screwdriver and know how to do it, open it and dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer. However, care must be taken to use the dryer with cold ventilation, since hot ventilation can melt and damage the (extremely) sensitive parts of the equipment.

  1. Turn it off immediately.

If any liquid falls on your notebook, unplug it immediately. More than that, remove the battery and do not reconnect it until the parts are completely clean and the water has completely evaporated. If you are going to dry it yourself – we will repeat it: only do this if you have the technical experience and the appropriate resources – try to use products such as isopropyl alcohol or antioxidants so that water does not rust the parts of your equipment.

  1. Light to those who understand

First, make sure your notebook is still under warranty. If the device is no longer under warranty and you pay for the equipment and even more for the information contained therein, whether personal or company, the best option is to have a specialized data recovery company.

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