Digital Marketing is an umbrella under which Search Engine Optimization is covered, along with other digital marketing tools. Digital marketing is entire gamut of marketing tools used for online marketing like search engine marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, Ad Sense, pay per click and Social media marketing. It also includes website and graphic designing and promoting a brand on various online platforms. At Business Mantra, we offer a range of digital media marketing services to help your brand/ business.

Digital marketing is a concept where you increase the visibility of your website or product (it can be done in both ways i.e. paid and un-paid). Digital marketing would require you to build everything from scratch. This would require a team of a designer, social media manger, digital marketing strategist and developer to work in accordance with each other to enhance the visibility of your website and social media pages.

SEO AKA search engine optimization is a way to build the ranking of your website, so that it results in top few searches when someone searcheswith related keyword/s. Search engine optimization is about understanding the algorithms based on which search engines work and then work out a way by transforming your website with all those tools to enable search engine to rank your website on top. Search engine optimization is a tool where one needs to work on various technical aspects of making the online presence of his or her website so strong that search engine automatically ranks it on the top.

Digital Media Company in Ahmedabad and SEO are of course different but both are related and crucial. Search engines are solo mode of secondary research for most of the consumers and if your website is not optimized for its search, it can never reach its marketing goals.