The Battle Calculator for Lords and Knights game for a better game plan

The Lords & Knights game is popular strategy gameplay which can be played on a mobile, tablets and computers. The rule of the game is simple as to build your own castle, upgrade, have troops, be in a team with others and attack or defend against other players. While attacking it’s the troops that are used in Lords and Knights game. It is always good to estimate the damage of troops that can happen. Building troops certainly take a lot of time and resources and with the Battle Calculator, the attacking other players become easier.

Here is how the calculator will make the gameplay handier

Know how the troops will work: Every player in the game will be having particular troop types and also castle walls that need to be taken down. Also once the troops enter the castle then they fight with other troops. Battles are not easy sometimes and this is where the calculator plays its major role. Enter the number of troops the other player is having and enter the troops that you are having and click enter. In a short while, a report is generated that tells if you are going to win or not.

Make more wins: The Bot is there which mostly are the free castles or some players who don’t play much. The trick here is to send a spy and gather the information of that particular castle. Now simply enter the troop types and check if it will be a win or not. When it shows that it’s a win then go without the second thought and attack them. This is one of the smartest moves which many other players are doing. In this way, a player can easily find out what castle types are to be targeted.

Spy and get the details: to find the details of other castles it is necessary to spy first. With the spy, the information of troops, building types and castle types is generated. According to this report send out the troops and it’s a win. If you are still not clear that what troop types then use the calculator to know how many of your troops will be lost with the attack. Information plays a major role in this game and spy is the best way to get it. The calculator is a freeware and can be used for numerous times.