The Cost of Teleporting to A Place Far Away

Introducing the Ubiatar coin to support the value exchange between peers all over the world, regardless of the local limits and availability to everyone. These tokens will be used for Usar to pay their Avatar at the UbiatarPlay marketplace.


When this true teleporting service begins (immediately or at a future booked by the Usar); the Ubiatar platform starts keeping count of the minutes of telepresence. At the end of this journey, the Usar is presented with the total cost of this connection and can confirm or file a complaint. When the amount is settled, this amount is then transferred out of the Usar’s account and a portion is transferred to the account of the Avatar. The Ubiatar platform will keep percentage of every transaction as a service or server fee.

All the fees that UbiatarPlay collects will go for:

  • Payment of server costs
  • Continuous marketing
  • Advertising
  • Cash and burn operations

Cash and burn

Cash and burn is crucial for the constant and fast growing of the Ubiatar tokens value. This is a procedure where a share of each collected fee at the marketplace is used to buy Ubiatar tokens and the next inguish them. This process of destruction of coins is due to the need of reducing their number and therefore usually grows the value of those coins remaining.


Blockchain is not only disrupting the way value is distributed, but it is changing the way companies are funded. Crowd funding with mediators and centralized platform is expensive and slow and at least the very least not very efficient. In its place to offer any stock in an initial offer or IPO, ‘blockchain startup’ is donating TOKENS that assist as equity, debt and license of ownership. This is called an ICO (Initial coin offering) and allows companies to have a direct access to capital market

Crowd founding

Crowd founding activity is to collect resources to develop the marketplace from the technology and marketable point of view and for these steps. The collected resources are used further development of software, development of the blockchain, and extensive promotion to grow the Marketplace user base. All of this is underway during the last quarter of 2017.