The Critical Importance of Cloud Hosting

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Cloud is a way to outsource computer programs. The applications and software can be accessed by users in any location because an outside party is the host and resides in the cloud. This eliminates any concerns regarding power and storage. In the past traditional business applications were expensive and complicated. Cloud computing eliminates the need to store data because there is no software or hardware to manage. This management is the responsibility of the vendor. 

It takes significantly less time to get cloud-based apps up and running and the cost is lower. When a cloud app is being used, the browser is opened, the user logs in and the app is customized. This is all that is required to run an app in the cloud. Numerous apps are being run by businesses including accounting, customer relationship management and HR. The infrastructure is both reliable and secure. The growing popularity of cloud computing has led many businesses to rebrand their non-cloud services and products as cloud computing.

There are three different types of cloud computing. The first is IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service. This is when elements of the infrastructure like software, hardware, storage and servers are hosted by a third party. Maintenance, security and backup are also provided. The second is SaaS or Software as a Service. This enables internet applications or browsers to become usable tools using the cloud. Excellent examples can be found at 

The third is PaaS or Platform as a Service. This enables users to manage, run and develop applications without the necessity for storage, code or infrastructure. There is more than one type of PaaS. These options are either private, public or a hybrid mix. The cloud is the host for public PaaS with the provider handling the management. Private PaaS is housed using private networks or onsite servers. The users are responsible for the management. Hybrid PaaS uses elements from both so multiple cloud infrastructures can be used to execute applications. 

PaaS is also categorized as a closed or open source, according to mobile compatibility and the type of business it is used for. The PaaS system must integrate well with the existing system, the supported programming language, the tools offered for application building, the configuration, the customization and provider support. Cloud based apps and platforms are spreading globally due to the availability and power of digital technologies. This is possible because of cloud computing.

Traditional business applications require extensive and expensive software and hardware. A team of experts is required for installation, configuration, running, testing, updating and securing. When hundreds of apps are involved it prevents companies from having the apps they require. Smaller businesses have no chance at all. Cloud hosting has many benefits including customizable applications and programs, personalized portals and applications for tenants and customers, the reliability of a third party and customer support. The Internet of Things has made it imperative for software functions to cover all devices while integrating with the applications.