The Ease of Sharing Files Online

In this day and age, the sharing of files has been made simple with the internet – where anything is an email or text away. Yet is it enough? The business world now needs the upload of information to be instantaneous across the computers in their networks or that information is easily accessed by all regardless of the time or day of week. What happens then?

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Efficient and easy to use

There is a solution that makes that happen! is an online platform which provides a safe and secure free p2p file sharing which does not compromise your network’s security at same time. This platform is accessible via both personal computers and mobile phones alike, making it convenient to use.

To start using this free file synchronization software, all you ever need to do is to download the a syncing app on your phone or personal laptop to begin your journey with p2p file sharing download.

Secure and accessible across different sites

Is the file synchronization software free? Yes, up to 2GB of data storage can be easily accessed and transferred through the online app. Upload and storage of more than 2GB of data will need an upgrade to the business version which also gives you access to more functions of the tool such as unlimited data traffic or data sharing with other p2p file synchronization software users.

The software solution for businesses allow the creation of enclosed user groups for secure document sharing with the appropriate user groups and access rights management. So no need to worry about user access and security if using this for your business, this function ensures that confidential information does not fall in to the hands of the wrong group of people.

More than just syncing of data across a network, this platform also allows syncing of information across Outlook as well as facilitating the syncing of details – events, tasks or contacts from Outlook into your Google account. For all this you need to download google sync outlook! This ensures that no matter what happens to your network system – be it a crash or malicious hacking, a backup version of all your data stays unscathed and ready for your use. The best part, you do not need advanced IT skills or knowledge to get this up and running. So why not go on and try a 14-day free trial now?