Nothing compares the experience watching a movie inside the cinema through the magic that a movie projector provides to the moviegoers.

However, not all people have the time to go the cinemas and watch the newest films and movies that released that is why home theater projector was widely used by many households around the world.

A lot of households and people nowadays rely on the technology of home theater sets and projectors because it brings such a feeling or experience to them of like watching inside the cinema and making it more convenient is that you’re sitting at the very comfort of your home.

Unlike movie projectors which are way bigger and heavier because of its optomechanical devices built in it, home theater projectors which have the similar qualities that a full-sized movie projector illuminates on the big screen.

A lot of people are left undecided on what to choose over the home theater and a big television. On one hand, projectors or home theater sets have gone a bit cheaper and has upgraded its specifications over the years as well as televisions.

However, televisions have surpassed everyone’s expectations after many known brands have already manufactured and developed high-definition resolution like a 4k ultra HD television with a size of 50-inches available but just like other new innovative electronic devices available in the market, it has its own pros and cons.

Home theater or projectors and televisions has its own distinct quality that cannot be compared to pricing, installation, sound quality, convenience and most of all the quality of its pictures illuminated.

In terms of brightness and picture quality, home theater sets or projectors has an edge over televisions since these devices have a largely perceived contrast that comes down to how dark the room is or is not. It provides a more ambient light in the screen if the room is very dark without sacrificing the picture quality like not washing out.

Most home theater sets or projectors are now developed into the Digital Light Processing by using Light-emitting diode (LED) or Light Crystal Display (LCD) picture display that furthermore enhances the quality of the picture or video. Odyssey Cinema Concepts is one of the brands that develops and manufactures home theater system that uses LED or LCD technology to its products. The ODYSSEY Cineme concepts VX-9 is one of the brand’s home theater set or projectors that uses LED and LCD technology giving more quality to the pictures and videos it illuminates.

MK-94’s specification has a contrast ratio of 45,000:1 and of course it has an LED display technology, with an image brightness of 4500 ANSI lumens and is capable of 3-dimensional video display with a resolution of 1920×1080 while its connectivity is through its wirings while its audio output is stereo from both sides its image aspect ratio is 16:9 and runs with a 1080p resolution.

The MK-94’s features are that it can display from 50-inch to 250-inch from its 1080P HDTV projector with a 45,000-1 contrast ratio. It can play HD, 3D, DVD BluRay and is compatible with gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4 and XBox One. It also has its own wireless IR remote control and is built through NTSC television tuner.