The importance of Grandstream deck phones to support your business communication

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Do you need deck phones to support internal information traffic within your company? Do you need a device that can perform a wide range of functions including 3-way conferencing? All your needs can be met with Grandstream. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of dect phones that provides a variety of variants tailored to the conditions and situations of each area.

For communication purposes in busy countries like UAE, Grandstream Phones Dubai is one of the best choices. It’s a Linux-based device that facilitates 3-way conferencing, ensuring everyone can connect with each other easily. The features offered include a 132 x 48 backlit LCD display with clear and easy viewing. Not forgotten several factors such as a 10 / 100mbps two-switched port that supports multiple networks and audio types. Combined with 3 XML and PoE command buttons both of which can be programmed to make it easier for you to do high quality office tasks.

Now the trend of communication moves to multifunction with the look as simple as possible. You should not be preoccupied with the various buttons that should be used one at a time and this is the time for you to switch to a deck phone that has a simple look but can handle various functions.

One of the most popular variants in Middle Eastern countries such as UAE, Qatar and Saudi is Grandstream GXP2130 IP Phone. This is a high-quality variant equipped with HD Audio, allowing us to communicate easily with lifelike voice clarity. Having a 2.8 inch color screen, you are allowed to use all built-in apps and access the menu options very easily. This is a deck phone with a simple look but provides more facilities than you can find in other brands.