The mistakes of different Ad words PPC and their solutions

An Internet advertising model that is used to direct traffic to websites is known as the pay per click or cost per click. The terms are abbreviated as ppc or cpc. In this type of marketing the advertiser when post ads has to go through bidding for keywords. The higher the bidding the ad will have higher opportunity to get placed on the search list. The amount of the bid is the amount that the advertiser has to pay exam time his or her ad gets clicked on.

Common Ad Words mistakes and the methods to fix them

  • No proper way of researching for keyword

Performing a keyword research is very essential within the Google Ad words search network. It is very important to target those crucial keywords that are relevant to what the customers are searching for and also the products and the services that are offered by you. If it is not then your account will not perform well. Ad words quality score calculation determines the bid amount also.

  • How to fix the problem?

One can simply use a good tool for the purpose of searching keywords. There are many tools like that of the Google ad words keyword tool; word stream and SEM rush are very effective.

  • Using broad match terms only

Ad groups that contain only broad match terms is another common mistake. As the name suggest using broad match terms means that your ad is being served for much less relevant searches that might not gain you any profit.

  • How to fix the problem?

Having broad match terms may not be a problem for those advertisers who have time and have hired a decent ad words specialist. But if you are limited on budget as well as time the process of it will be a lot less risky to use targeted phrases or exact match keywords for your ad campaign.

  • Not using negative keywords in your ad

Using negative keyword can prove to be beneficial for your ad campaign. A negative keyword acts in the same way as a keyword that is targeted but in the opposite way.

  • How to fix the problem?

Researches on negative keywords can be made and it also helps in preventing wastage of money on clicks of irrelevant terms. It also helps to improve the overall health of the account.

  • Less importance on mobile

Usage of mobile is growing more and more now so it is really a bad decision to ignore the platform of mobile in ad campaigns.

 How to fix the problem?

This problem can be fixed in many ways:-

  1. Generating mobile specific ads
  2. Click to call extensions
  3. Making mobile bid modifiers
  4. Making short tail keywords

What is quality score?

The Google rating that is used to rate the keywords and ppc ads based on relevance is known as the quality score. This feature is used to determine the cost per click of an advertiser a D this amount multiplied by the maximum bid helps to determine the rank of the ad of the advertiser in the auction process. The quality score depends on:-

  1. The ctr or the click through rate
  2. The importance and relevance of every keyword to the ad group
  3. The relevance of the ad text
  4. It also depends on the ad words account performance