The reasons why I buy Facebook Likes

I have a confession to make: I buy Facebook likes every month. I know it’s cheating a bit. But it makes me feel more popular and motivates me to keep on working on any new business until it generates a lot of money.

At first I felt really silly and self-conscious about it, afraid of what people might think if they would find out that I purchased Facebook likes…

There is a popular saying ‘Fake it until you make it.’ This is exactly why I buy Facebook likes from this website in the UK. It just makes me look automatically more popular and people take my new businesses more seriously.

Do you what is even better?

I have done many test selling producst off my Facebook page and in every test I sell more products after I buy a few thousand Facebook likes.


It’s a concept called social proof.

For example. If everybody is using these Flower delivery service in Sydney, they must be the good, right? What if you knew that a flower delivery service in Sydney never actually had any customers, that they have no experience at all making flower arrangements and that you are their first customer ever? Would you really buy from them? Probably not!

We feel more comfortable buying from businesses with a lot of social proof, awards or experience. This is why when I walk down the street and see a busy restaurant full of people, I don’t mind lining up and waiting 30 minutes or more for a table because I know that it will be goo. If there are so many people eating at that specific restaurant, it must be good, right?

The same goes with my Facebook page. I need to look more professional and popular, and this is why I buy Facebook likes from USA.

Buying Facebook Likes make me look more popular

It’s not a secret that a lot of people would like to be popular, for good reasons. Popular people seem to be getting it all: luxury vacations, media attention, wealth and more.

Popularity gains you respect, friends, opportunities and not to forget that girls like popular guys, as girls like guys with ‘social proof’.

So how is this related to Facebook?

When you buy Facebook likes in a country like Germany, you instantly look more popular. Of course you are faking your popularity, but there is a popular saying that says ”fake it until you make it”. That is the point of buying Facebook Likes, whether you are in the UK or in the United states. It instantly makes you look good, popular, and professional. It gets the ball rolling, starting a domino effect that will attract more people to likes your Facebook page.

This could eventually lead to real popularity, or sponsors approaching you and offering you money in exchange of you posting their product on your Facebook page. It can also give you more exposure since the accounts with more likes and more engagement are featured higher in the search listings on Facebook.

According to Facebook statistics, way more people will become your fans if you already have a few thousands likes, as people will take you more seriously. For example, imagine if you have a business offering flower delivery services in Sydney, like the ones listed on the website above.

All these businesses started by having a great business idea. They analyzed their competition to see if it was worth going into business in the flower delivery industry in Sydney. They all got a nice website where they can sell flowers from. Probably got a nice logo designed for their new business. Then they created a Facebook page for their business. All that is great but…

If they still have only 7 likes on their Facebook page and it makes their businesses look worse than if you would not have a Facebook account at all!

So is there a solution that can help you look more popular fast?

Yes there is, you can buy Facebook likes gradually every month to fake your increase in popularity while growing your business (for real).

I will continue to buy Facebook Likes every month

Many people only go and buy 1000 Facebook likes for $30 once, to make their new business look like it’s not new…. I mean to make it look like it’s already established and already has hundreds of customers.

Would you like to walk into a restaurant if you would know that the chef has never cooked a meal and that you are their first customer ever?

I don’t think so!

The same applies potential customers who visit a Facebook page and see that there is only 7 likes on there…

Anyway, I don’t think that buying Facebook likes once is a good strategy.

I think it’s better to do like I do and buy every month so you gradually increase your number of Facebook likes, and it looks more natural. For example, if your goal is to reach 10 000 Facebook likes in total on your page. You could buy 100 FAcebook likes every week for 2 years.

Many websites actually offer this feature on the payment page. You can either choose between a one-off payment of a monthly payment. Give them your credit card details and the website owner will charge your credit card every month automatically and add the likes automatically for you.

That way you don’t have to think about it or waste time buying manually each week, and you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.z


In conclusion, whether you buy the Facebook likes in the USA or in the UK of from anywhere else in the world, they will have the same effect: They will make you look more professional. This is why I am addicted to buying Facebook likes for myself and my business, and I recommend that you do the same.