The Rise of Mobile Advertising

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With people constantly on their smartphones in today’s day and age, mobile marketing has become one of the most effective and valuable forms of marketing. You can reach people 24/7 and the rise of mobile commerce over desktop has made advertising on mobile a necessity in today’s marketplace.

Smartphones have completely revolutionised modern life. People are constantly on their phones whether they are relaxing at home, on the train to work, in the office or at the pub. It is often the first thing that people look at in the morning and last at night. Some won’t even leave a room without taking their phone. With people looking at this screen so often, it makes it the perfect platform for advertising.

The potential reach of advertising on mobile is far greater than traditional online marketing as you can reach people whilst they are on the move. Here are a few reasons why any business should seriously consider mobile advertising.

24/7 Reach

Most forms of advertising have a limited period where it can reach the audience. Television adverts only work when people are sat at home, magazine adverts are only viewed when browsing that particular magazine and desktop adverts work when people are sat at a computer. Mobile adverts can reach the consumer 24/7 no matter where they are.


Mobile advertising is one of the cheapest forms of marketing available – this makes it an ideal choice if a business has a small advertising budget. Although you are not spending much, you see significant results in terms of profit and building your brand.

Mobile Commerce

People used to make all of their online purchases on desktop devices, but statistics show that shopping is now spread across all devices. Businesses can capitalise on this with mobile ads, but it is vital that you correctly format the adverts so that the user can easily make a purchase.

SMS and Email Marketing

Some forms of advertising are easy to ignore, but SMS marketing is a powerful form of advertising as text messages have a near 100% open rate. Similarly, email marketing is powerful and these messages feel more personal to the user than other ads.

Establish Relationships

Following on from this, being able to reach users on the move and sending messages to their inboxes helps to establish a relationship with the consumer where they feel valued. This will help you to retain customers.

Mobile-Friendly Sites Achieve Higher Rankings

Due to the rise in mobile usage, Google changed their algorithm so that mobile-friendly websites ranked higher than non-optimised websites. Higher rankings result in more traffic and better brand awareness, so having a mobile-friendly site is a must.

Location Based Advertising

There is no greater time to advertise to a consumer than the moment that they need your products or services. Location based advertising can help to reach the consumer at this moment and bring them into your store.

Due to the reach of mobile advertising, it will soon be a necessity for any company looking to stay ahead of the competition.