The softphone, a software to turn your PC into a phone!

Image result for The softphone, a software to turn your PC into a phone!Among the enterprise telephony solutions, there are softphones. Like real mobile phone standards, softphones can turn PCs into phones. They generally complement an existing enterprise telephony offer and provide flexibility, mobility and practical features at reduced costs! However, some more conventional phones like Dect Cordless Phones are still in need.


The softphone: what is it?

A softphone is a telephony system via VoIP. It is specialized telephony software for real-time telephone calls, Internet and corporate networks. To be used, softphones require a broadband internet connection. They can be installed on a computer or a smartphone. The best known softphones are Skype software, Windows Live Messenger, or Google HangOut …

A softphone, what’s the point?

Practical and advantageous, a softphone offers mobility. It allows you to make telephone calls (voice calls or national and international videos) from computer to computer or from computer to phone (landline or mobile). Computer-to-computer conversations are, in principle, free. On the other hand, those from computer to phone are paying, but the rates are cheaper than those of traditional telephony.

What features does softphone software offer?

Softphones offer many advanced features (free or paid) that can also be found in traditional telephony:

– Directory, company directory,
– Videoconferencing (organizing remote meetings with others),
– Transfers of calls and files (photos, videos, documents), call forwarding,
– Recording conversations, call log,
– Instant messaging (chat),
– Synchronization mailbox,
– Teamwork,
– Multi-lines, multi-profiles,
– Music and message waiting,
– One-click call,
– Notifications (missed calls, voicemail messages), etc.

It is possible to use many devices: microphone, USB key, headphones, speakers, webcam, mini octopus conference etc. to have your hands free to perform other tasks on your computer.

A softphone, for whom?

The softphone software is ideally suited for mobile workers and teleworkers, contact center agents connected via their PC locally or remotely … A softphone service can be used by companies having a business address in a business center or renting premises. Attention, to use a softphone, it is important that the workstations respect certain prerequisites (operating systems (OS), memory, audio and video devices …).