Themes for Laundry WordPress that you should checkout

People are busy these days, but still, they got to do their laundry. They aren’t trying to do their laundry by themselves, but rather leave the job to the laundry services. They are always searching for a better laundry service online. Another really interesting theme is the Vegetarian WordPress Themes.

Making an online platform for laundry and washing business is an idea which will provide you with many opportunities and help people with their problem.

If you want to make a platform online for laundry and washing business, you don’t have to code yourself or hire someone to code it for you; rather you can do it for yourself with the help of Laundry WordPress Templates.

Let’s go through some of the best laundry themes present in the WordPress:


This WordPress theme for laundry is a good one. This theme is aimed to meet the demand of laundry and drying of clothes providers. There is CTA of customers which helps them to contact you directly; there is a section for column feature, etc.

What the theme does it, when the customer enters the website, the website will greet them via full-screen sliders, with those sliders, you can show your customers your laundry and drying service center.

Main Features of LaundryCare Template:

  • Resolutions highlighting the main features of laundry services are high.
  • There’s a sticky button for contact numbers on the template.
  • The sidebar and widgetized footer sections are advanced.
  • Testimonials and blogs links are kept on the homepage.


This is an app for self-laundry places. You can see these days that you put your clothes in a washing machine and then put a coin, and your clothes come out washed and dried. LaundroMat is a theme of WordPress which fits in making apps for laundries where coins are used to clean clothes.

In LaundryMat, you are going to find navigation menu with features such as drop-down, full width and default page layouts to showcase the services offered by you. It is integrated with free Ink lead capture form to help out for collecting the leads of potential customers,


For portable dry cleaning and laundry business, a one-page WordPress theme is designed and is known as DryCleaning. There’s a top class outline to present the customers with all the information regarding the mobile dry-cleaning business in one scroll.


This is a theme in WordPress designed for the laundry vans with facilities like video sharing and CTA, business tagline, and much more.