TheOneSpy Mobile Phone Monitoring App Review

Mobile phones are arguably the greatest invention of the modern technology. They enable people to make calls from one end of the world to another. Users can send and receive text messages and they can also share media files such as photos and videos. People use cell phones for business point of view, young kids and teens, on the other hand, use the cell phone gadgets for the social media apps, to spend their leisure time in playing mobile phone games.

There is no doubt about that, everyone has their own smartphones these days and without these gadgets, it is impossible for everyone to stay updated with family, business and in a relationship. Logically, we humans have been integrated with phones and there is no way to avoid the modern technology in the shape of phones because it has made our lives so much dependent.

Having said that, smartphones are the greatest invention of the modern century, but over the years the rise and rise of social media apps have created an alarming situation for young kid and teens and even for the spouses.

Teenagers are obsessed with the cell phones when connected to the internet. In-short there are plenty of issues may happen in teenagers life by the excessive use of mobile phones when connected to the internet. In order to protect the young kids and teens from social media dangers such as cyber bullies, stalkers, sexual predators and others. Spouses can also track their husband hidden activities by using the cell phone spy app.

A short intro of TOS mobile phone spy software

TheOnespy cell phone tracking software is known as best for parenting, state of the art spyware for employee tracking and robust cell phone surveillance program for spouse monitoring. The powerful mobile phone tracking features enable a user to get their hands on all the activities happening on the target phone device. It has plenty of outstanding tools such as read emails of Gmail, Bug their phone, remotely phone controller, live screen recording, GPS location tracker, screen shots, browsing history, spy on calls and text messages, IM’s social media and TOS spy 360.

Having such a variety of monitoring tools, a user can get it at the reasonable price but they can use it in an effective way. Its customer representative team help out user out of the box and have the answers all of your quires 24/7.

TOS Contemporary features

TOS Spy 360

The powerful TOS spy 360 single-handedly tracks the mobile phone activities of your target person remotely with the sheer power, pinpoint accuracy and with unbelievable efficiency. The features have three sub versions to spy on different activities on a cell phone.  

The first one is TOS Live surround listening, it allows user to get real-time surround listening and call recording on the target phone. TOS live camera streaming empowers users to get all the real-time camera activities of a target smartphone and TOS live screen sharing provides user all the cell phone screen activities remotely into TOS control panel.

Read Emails

Spy on target phone email of Gmail, the time user is using their account on the cell phone device, along with complete time stamp.

Bug their phone

it is capable of tracking multiple activities happen on the target smartphone gadget such as its MIC bug empowers a user to listen to the surround sounds and conversation of a target device. Furthermore, a user can also make remotely short videos of the surround and come to know what is really happening at the moment through spyvidcam. It further empowers users to capture photos remotely and images by using the camera bug of the mobile monitoring spyware.

Remotely phone controller

The user can remotely track the cell phone by using the remote cell phone controller. It allows user to block the incoming calls and text messages remotely. The user can even block the internet to which a target phone has connected. The user can also view all the installed apps on the target device.

Live screen Recording

The screen recording feature enables a user to record the screen activities by making back to back short videos. It allows a user to do the screen recording of IM’s social media, such a WhatsApp screen recording, Facebook messenger, Line Chat, Instagram and Tumblr, YouTube recording, password chaser and camera screen recording.


TheOneSpy is capable of spying all kinds of cell phone gadgets that help parents for parenting, employers to track employees and spouses to monitor their partners.